Evernote’s Scannable – Best Scanning App for iPad And iPhone

Best Scanning App

Redefining technologies in the world of Apple devices, specifically iPads and iPhones has already created thrills among all mobile users. Everyone operating these devices find it easy to perform various needy functions which we all seek everyday. Continuing the trend, Evernote had developed an application which will make scanning the documents with iPhone or iPad way lot easier to do.

With the launch of the app that allows you to make note last year, Evernote has now launched another useful application for all iPad and iPhone users, named as “Scannable”.

Evernote’s Scannable is that app which gives you the best facility ever of scanning documents on your iPhone. Now we all know that there are already some application in the present market having in-built little tweaks, required for configuring to get best output, but the truth is, all those apps somehow makes this urgent task time consuming with no desired results.

With Evernote’s Scannable on your device, you won’t need any other equipment, as the app will automatically scan up your document just by using camera. The only thing you have to do is to point the camera of your iPhone or iPad towards the document or ID you need to scan and the app is smart enough to recognize the document, be it a normal letter, business card or any receipts you want to send to your boss. No, the app is not done yet with its unique feature … It’ll enhance the scanned document, crop it if required and make it look crystal clear.

And in case if you want to do further editing, you’ve the option to edit the scanned document, be it associated with cropping or rotating or even adjusting the corners, and what not!


And if you are thinking it as same as taking image of the document from your device’s camera, you’re so wrong! The features offered by this application will totally change your experience in scanning documents, for which you’ve relied upto traditional scanner till now.

… and it doesn’t stop here!

This app will allow you to extract information from identity cards or business cards scanned through it and more importantly it’ll allow you to add the information in your iPhone or iPads as Contact which no other application presently offers. Interestingly, the app also pulls up LinkedIn image and paste it in the information of the person whose documents or ID are scanned. Isn’t that interesting?

Note:– Yes, you have to be logged into your LinkedIn profile to use this feature.

You can save the documents scanned using this app either on the Evernote account or you can directly save them to your device’s memory, or you can also upload it to cloud based services like DropBox or even can share them via message or email, all using in-built options provided in the application.

The only downside of this awesome scanning app is that, you can’t save scanned documents in PDF format, which is again, not a big deal, as you’ve got many third-party application to convert scanned doc to PDF.