5 Best Messaging Apps for Android

Best Messaging Apps for Android

The world of Android is so vast and beautiful that almost every one of us always love to be a part of it, no? This Android eco-system helps you to connect with your friends, relatives and everybody belonging to this social or so called “digital” society. And with such vast system, there comes huge range of the desired messaging application, to fill the digital gap. But again, from such non-ending list of apps, which one is the best and you should be using, is the question.

So, after giving you the list of best Android Launcher, here we are, with the 5 best messaging applications for Android which make it is easy for you to be on top and fulfils your requirements.


This application does not even needs any vouching. WhatsApp is the best and most liked messaging app of Android system and that’s why it is on the top. The thing that makes it wonderful is that it uses your internet connection or your Wi-Fi for sending messages. Register your number once and start chatting with anyone anywhere in the world. Along this you can forward images, audio files, videos and start group chat also. With free service for the first year whatsApp will cover all your needs of messaging.

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Skype is one of the oldest and most popular apps for video chatting but with video chatting it also give you the instant messaging service to connect with your friends. The thing you will like is that with simple plain text messaging, you can send audio and video messages too. Just register yourself with a specific username and password to enjoy group chats, send smiley and various animations which will amaze you.

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Since kik has many similarities with whatsApp, including the features of sending images, chatting in the group, etc., but you can’t ignore that it is also an important messaging app, as you can even search for YouTube links, download emoticons and what not. The best part of this is you don’t have to share your details with anyone. You can create memes, sketches and send to your friends. Due to these facts, the app has over 75 million successful users from all over the globe.

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Sometimes you need a simple text messaging app on your Android and your search will definitely end with Hello SMS app, as it has a simple and sleek design so that you feel comfortable while using it. You might have used many other known and popular messaging application, but thing which makes Hello SMS a better choice for those looking for simple SMS app is that it’s simple, clean and performs all those functions easily. You will see profiles of your friends in the left pane, so just swipe on it and start connecting.

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If looking for an app with a beautiful design then Textra SMS is the best bet you can make, as it has a specific and latest Android’s L Material design which make it best messaging app. Remember it’s not best just for its design but also for features like stock messaging and text popup by which you can reply from home screen without entering into the app.

Isn’t that great?

This exciting app supports Android wears like Samsung’s Gear Live or LG’s G watch. So if you have one of them, then this option will definitely be more useful to you.

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These are some of the best messaging applications of Android world, you will definitely love using them. So don’t wait, just go for any of the above messaging application that fits your basic requirement.