7 Apps to Intensify Your Android’s Performance

7 Apps to Intensify Your Android’s Performance

Android technology has created a boom in smartphone segment and as per one survey, every 3rd person using a smartphone is on Android eco-system. But there are only few who really know how to take care of their Android phone to get best out of it.

So, Are you one of them? This question might be important because your phone wants a little care from you. It might not be in the clean condition, which you’ve experienced in its initial days, and what you need to do for getting optimum performance … well, keep reading !

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Here are the 7 apps that you will need to intensify your Android’s performance to the best level.


This application does not even needs any vouching, do it? One of the best known applications of PC world is CCleaner, which is available for Android too. Install this application on your Android device to remove all that ever space eating, lag attractive applications which does nothing but deteriorate your phone’s performance. This application cleans all your junk, cache, temporary files as well as your browser’s history. Also, you can clean your calls logs and SMS logs with this app.

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Additionally, Its powerful inbuilt manager checks RAM, CPU usage, your device temperature and increase the performance of your device by optimizing it.

Download CCleaner


Your Android’s performance is mostly affected by temporary files, junks and cache memory. CleanMaster cleans all these files and make your device functioning faster using phone boost which is a perfect tool for cleaning system memory effectively. It also has app manager by which you can backup applications APKs, uninstall apps some other options too, with the most important thing included is Antivirus, which can be used to scan the system at regular intervals for possible threats.

Download Clean Master

DU Speed Booster

DU Speed Booster is another app for optimising and cleaning unwanted junks and cache files residing on your Android phones by which you can increase your Android’s operating speed. Some features of this app is just like the CCleaner and CleanMaster but there are some unique feature too that will help you in accelerating phone’s performance like one tap optimizer, trash cleaner and the Internet speed checker.

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Additionally, it also comes with free in-built Anti-Virus and protection master.

Download DU Speed Booster


Apps using your system resources will create problem for you by interrupting with other processes of your Android system. Don’t panic as Greenify will stop these apps by hibernating them to prevent using system memory. This app will free unnecessary RAM usage from those rarely used applications of your phone by force closing them, all on auto-mode, so you don’t have to install any other task killing app or rather have to do it manually.

Download Greenify

U Clean

Does your mobile go slow the time when you need it most? If yes, then it’s the time when you have to choose U Clean. This application has a smart speed booster option allowing you to boost your Android performance, so as to make operations faster than before. This app fulfills all your needs which you expect from a phone optimizer app on which you depend most.

Download U Clean

Android Assistant

You should need assistance for cleaning and managing your Android apps for increasing phone’s performance. With three different screens, this app helps you in managing your system optimization utility. Android Assistant contains “Quick Boost” option, which cleans your resources automatically and frees your used memory by removing junk, cache and temporary folders.

Download Android Assistant

SD Maid

If you’ve till searched for a maintenance app, then here ends your quest, as you now have SD Maid to free your Android from unwanted storage. This app has a strong maintenance capacity which is developed to free your RAM usage.

Also you can cleanup junk files and folders of uninstalled apps using your phone’s storage. Same actions can performed on memory cards too.

Download SD Maid

If performance of your Android device is your first requirement then all you need is some useful apps given above. Using these apps, you can actually boost your Android’s operations efficiently!