How To Turn OFF Automatic Updates On Your Smartphones


With this developing world of smartphones, there are millions if not billions of applications available on the App Store for the users. And yes, as it goes by the rule, you have to update the installed applications on your device, time to time to get all of its latest features and bug fixes that developers patches with every update.

There is a feature of automatic update in smartphones which have the default settings “ON” for these updates so that the application can be automatically updated. And hence there is no need to wait for updates of any application. The prime reason behind the default setting set to “On” is if developer patches any loopholes or fix any bugs, the app installed on your system will also get updated as per new patches and thereby being more secure, and yes, it’s useful.

Till here everything seems to be fine, no? But the condition is drastic in real life which’ll force you in thinking twice before keeping the updates “ON”.

Let me clarify this. If you are keeping automatic update feature “On” by default but not limiting those updates to Wi-Fi then needless to mention that you might end up burning huge hole in your pocket by being overcharged by excessive data usage on your 3G connection.

Apart from it, these updates keep your phone running internally which in turns keep your battery running and eventually it gets drained pretty fast. So keeping these updates off will give some more time for your smartphone.

More importantly it is not always possible that the update will give you better functionality as sometimes update for fixing a bug creates more bugs then before. Also, sometime you don’t want that application to be updated as you are comfortable in operating it as it is. So, if you are the one facing such problems while using your smartphones and want to turn off these automatic updates then just roll down.


With Android phone, you have all freedom for the updates which let you to choose whether to keep them on or off. Also, Android has an exciting feature for updates i.e. you can choose to update regularly used app but not those whom you use once in a month.

Following these 4 steps you can turn off automatic updates on your Android device:-

  • Go to Google Play Store and click on the three vertical lines icon on the upper left portion.
  • Select the Settings option and then go for the Auto Update Apps option in it.
  • You will find an option named Do not Auto Update Apps. If you want to disable automatic updates click on it.
  • Also there is an option available in the same option as above for updating your apps using your Wi-Fi named Auto Update Apps using Wi-Fi.

And if that was hard to get, here is the image showing the procedure step-by-step.


Windows phones have straightforward option of whether keeping automatic update on or off. There are no such negotiations of updating specific apps available like Android phones.

You may follow these 3 simple steps given below for turning automatic updates off:-

  • Open up App Store.
  • Go to the Settings where you will find App Update
  • Slide the bar to “Off” under Update apps automatically option.


Just like Windows phone, iPhones also have option to keep automatic updates on or off. And like Android phones there is an option of updating apps over Wi-Fi.

Go through these 4 steps and disable automatic update:-

  • Open Settings
  • Tap on the iTunes & App Store and then you will see Update option listed.
  • Turn off the updates by sliding the bar to left.
  • User can choose whether they want to Use Cellular Data or not for App update, which must be set to Off mode.

automatic updates off iphones

And in case you want to get latest updates for any particular apps, just enable updates for those selected ones and not all.