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Apps for Connecting Your Computer to Android Devices

Connecting your computer with your Android smartphone or tablet makes it pretty easy to transfer the files between the two devices and share other...
SMS Scheduling Apps

Best and Highly Efficient SMS Scheduling Apps for Android Devices

Following a specific schedule can be difficult especially in today’s fast paced life and sending a text message on time can be something that...

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Playing Video Games

How Do I Get Back Into Playing Video Games After a Decade Long Hiatus?

Playing video games is a fun hobby, and one where you get to see huge evolutions on a constant basis as hardware improves and new creative minds innovate on old formulas.That said, some people...
Android PC

Remix Mini is the First Complete Android PC

Remix Mini, in its truest sense is the first complete Android PC. The portable personal computer that fits on the top of your palm is indeed the first of its kind. With its Remix...
Windows 10

HoloLens Gets More Real with Windows 10

Microsoft has announced that its augmented reality headset, HoloLens is set to make 3D digital projections more real. The headset will project images in 3D and the images will be so accurate that you...


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TikTok Videos
Do you have an idea what TikTok actually is? Have you ever seen short music videos on social media sites where people lip synchronize their favorite songs? It is done with the help of one famous app, known as TikTok. TikTok is actually a global video platform and social network that allows users to create short videos of just 15 seconds. It...
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