Cable Vs Streaming Using StreamTipz

Cable Vs Streaming

In an age where digital platforms rule the roost, it’s no surprise that streaming services are gaining the upper hand over traditional cable. As Netflix readies to end its DVD service, consumers are left contemplating the financial landscape of entertainment. Is streaming genuinely more cost-effective than cable?

Streaming’s Financial Edge

Various studies have been conducted to understand this topic. A study from Parks Associates in July 2022 highlighted that around 25% of American households are subscribed to nine or more streaming platforms, while half have at least four. The analysis shows that basic streaming sans internet costs about $33 per month.

In comparison, basic cable TV and internet will set you back by an average of $132 per month, depending on your location.

Hidden Costs: Cable’s Not-So-Secret Fees

While the cost comparisons may initially seem straightforward, the reality is more complex. Cable bills are often bloated by various fees and taxes not included in the advertised prices. Such additional costs can add between $30 and $50 to the final monthly bill, making cable less appealing to price-sensitive consumers.

Stream Sports

For those hooked on regional sports networks (RSNs), it’s essential to note that DirecTV Stream is the exception in streaming services. While most platforms don’t offer RSNs, DirecTV Stream provides almost every single one, particularly the Bally Sports channels. However, the service comes with a cost; at $100 a month, it can be more expensive than cable.

Future Trends: StreamTipz is Leading the Way

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