10 Useful Ways To Protect Your Smartphone


With all latest technologies coming up, smartphones are no less than the fad for this generation. Everyone of us wants to hold this awesome toy in our hand but the fact is, few of us only know how to make sure that it’s protect and secured.

Yes, there are some nooks, which demands your proper attention and if you don’t take this little care, exploitation is just a step away in this tech era.

We’re not talking about securing your device from hackers, but from more generic point of view. For instance, It might be the situation where you lost your smart device and knowingly that you’ll never get it back, it would be safe to remotely wipe the data from that device, before your personal data being misused.

So, here are 10 useful tips to protect your smartphone from unnecessary workouts.


You should be aware of that the fact that if you lose your phone then there is hardly anything possible to get it back. But don’t panic as there are plenty of device managers available in case of losing your phone.

What this device manager do is, they give you the option to trace your device, or simply wipe off the data. These device managers can help you in tracking your phone, or you can even remotely lock your smartphone to prevent others using it or can delete all the files before being misused.

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Lock your phone as it should be your biggest priority to keep your smartphone safe. It would only be possible when you use screen lock feature on your smartphone to keep it away from unauthorised access.

And yes, we’re not talking about simply locking your screen, but locking your device with much more secured way. There are unlimited ways to lock your screens and with anyone of the lock facility given in your smartphone including pattern lock or PIN lock or gestures lock, whatever you choose, it’ll surely helps you in restricting others to access your device without your consent.


There is no other and as best way as this to recover your smartphone when you misplaced or lost it. Think about it, how many times you’ve misplaced your smartphone and then ended up searching here and there and wasted hours and hours, no?

Hopefully, if you’ve understood the importance of GPS, you’d have saved hell lot of time. GPS is a helping facility for updating you about the location of your smartphone to track it easily or to know your exact place. However, it works in conjunction with third party apps, so you can use that third party apps on any other smartphone to trace the location of your lost device. Device Manger works the same way !


Are you checking the background actions the installed apps performing on your smartphone? To your surprise, recent report on smart device security reveals that many of the installed apps on your smartphone use unwanted RAM or more importantly share your private data with third party.

How lame is that? But still we’re paying absolutely Zero attention, no? So, it’s always important to check what that app is doing in the background and if you’re not using that particular app, kill the process from task manager.


The person who can save your smartphone from unwanted workout is only you and nobody else. So be careful while going for installation of any new app as it doesn’t take much time to convert your happiness into sorrow. So the only way to be safe is to go for trusted apps. Research first and then jump off to the installation.

You might be thinking how can you make sure that you’re installing right apps, right? Well, it needs no special knowledge, as you can pretty much guess the trust factor by seeing the requirements of the app. If any media player app asks for your contacts, messages, internet access and what not … you can pretty much guess… no? 🙂


Is it your phone? Then why allow others to sneak in your apps? You know it very well that nowadays you can operate all your accounts and professional work with smartphone apps. So, it is disastrous if other person use your app.

What you can do? Use any of the app lockers and secure unwanted lookups in your smartphone.

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You can use apps like AppLock to lock all the apps you want. Next time anyone (including you) opens up that particular app, they need to pass the security check, making it more secured.


It is true that you are regularly pinched by the apps for the available updates, which are nothing but are small changes which the developers do in the configuration. So, the question is why you need them?

Answer is so simple but worth explanation. There may be too many loop holes present in you app, which acts as a doorway to potential threats. Brace yourself as the developers worked on that issue and rectify, and that’s why you’ve got the update popup. That’s why you are pinched by apps for these updates. So, instead of being irritated, simply push the update to your device.


You should realize it itself as keeping your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on every time will swallow your battery juice and always use some of the system’s RAM. You can use them the time when you need it but after that, it is important to turn both of them off. More free RAM, more efficiently your smartphone will work.


Now what is important to you, putting your data anywhere and regretting after losing it or keeping backups to have all data safe? Choice is yours! If you are care for your useful data then there are apps for smartphone by which you can backup your data through encrypting them. This will be definitely helpful for you.

Apps like Titanium Backup works superfluously and can backup all your device data to cloud.


It is very essential for you to have one security application to protect you from malware or virus. And yes, if you have something like this then the risk of unwanted attack will be purely neglected, keeping your smartphone safe.

You can use applications like Clean Master, which can regularly check for potential threats or any malware issues and secures your device.

Use these 10 ways and surely your smartphone will stay protected from unwanted hookups. What else you want if the smartphone in your hand is more secured and smooth from security point of view, either digitally or from physical hookup. Just care this much as you won’t find anything easy like this.