SnoopSnitch: An App That Detect If Someone Is Spying On You


Nowadays hacking has gone to an extreme level and it is very difficult to stop it. Recent report has revealed that this serious issue has gone to the level where hackers now can even hack your private calls and read your message using mobile networks which means your private data is not private anymore.

And this is something to worry about.

So, what’s this new way hackers are using to breach your digital privacy?

Not indulging in much technical language, here is how they’re stalking on you…

Mobile networks have an entity called IMSI, i.e. International Mobile Subscriber Identity, which is unique for everyone. Experts believe that mostly hackers use IMSI catchers for tracking your operations of smartphones like message and call. IMSI catchers are nothing but devices particularly made for intercepting your mobile traffic. And guess what? This issue has given birth to new fear among the smartphone users operating both personal and professional workouts on their phone.

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The question is, what we can do to minimize the risk?

Well, the answer is already been developed, called SnoopSnitch.

A newly developed app “SnoopSnitch” by which you can detect IMSI catchers often known as stringrays which is used by unwanted persons for tracking your calls or messages. This app works very efficiently and when it detects any unwanted operation like IMSI catcher trying to connect with your phone, it warns you so that you can protect your personal data from these kind of attack.

Whenever you start communicating with your friends through calls or message, your phone sends stringrays to the mobile tower and here the hacking come into act. Hackers catch these IMSI to get all record of your phone, and you don’t even realize that all your personal stuff is getting hacked by someone, which will cause serious problems.

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So, using this application, i.e SnoopSnitch, which is a powerful and useful app that scans each and every signal which wants to establish a connection with you, you can make sure that no unauthorized person would connect with your server. Same phenomenon operates when you want to connect with someone, as the app secures you connection preventing any other interacting network in establishing connection.

SnoopSnitch currently supports only devices having Qualcomm Chips, for instance many model of Samsung and Sony smartphones, and yes, due to the positive response and well operating mechanism, it should be considered as a must have app for all Android users.

Note:- This application requires root access. So, in case your smartphone is not rooted, consider rooting your device.

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