6 Best Hotkeys for Windows 10

Windows 10

Windows 10 is acclaimed as the most upgraded and best from all of the previous versions of OS developed by Microsoft. And as it is making its market place in the world with more than 110 million users, it is the right time to tell you some simple tweaks by which you can perform complex functions with just a key stroke on your keyboard. Yes we are talking about the ‘HotKeys’, and believe us they are definitely hot. Doesn’t matter if you want to flip yourself between different screens or to shift to full screen mode, all these functions are just a tap away from you. So if you want to perform different tasks without even touching your mouse scroll down the screen.

So, For those innovative tech geeks who want to do things in quick manner, in this column we will tell about 6 best actions (Hotkeys) by which they can do some really overwhelming tasks with ease.

Its Action Time

No, no, no. We are not telling you to wear a Spiderman’s costume and get ready to save the world. Certainly not. But we are talking about the centre that takes action on your Windows 10 PC. Yes, you are on the correct way, it is about the ‘Action Centre’. One of the most functional as well as the helpful part of any operating system that makes you updated with your system’s information. And because it is performing the best task of your PC it deserves the first one to be known.

To jump off directly to the Action Centre in between of a task you have to do one simple thing. Keep your thumb of the Windows Key and let your index finger hit on ‘A’. Confused, don’t worry it’s like Windows Key + A.

Action Within Action

Enjoying your favorite game and it’s just about to finish. But, what if you don’t want to leave it. Wait, wait, suddenly you remember about something important action to be taken right now on your PC and here comes a do or die situation. Many of you face the same situation once or twice when you are in middle of nail biting game. Keeping that thing in mind Windows 10 comes with a really appreciating move for all gaming addicts.

With this you can resolve the issue being right on your game i.e. without leaving it. Each and every program on your task bar is pinned with a digit from 1 to 0 or going left to right. Hold the much known Windows key and required number to perform that function. For instance, Windows key + 1 to visit Google Chrome.

The Inventories

As the last standing operating system declared by Microsoft Windows 10 is working to be the best ever OS for all of you. This shortcut allows you tweak inside the computer’s assesses. To open Windows Inventory keep hold on the Windows Key and press ‘I’. Yeah, that I stand for Inventory.

By this you can go through all the recent and best things allotted to you by Microsoft for your Windows 10 OS. On the contrary, you can also configure your PC from there itself.

Speak Search

Remember the old times when in order to search something you have to type the same thing. But if you forgot, let us tell you that you are in 21st century and using Windows 10 OS. Thus if you want to go for a search of any document and software or anything present on your PC just do this single thing. Speak it out.

Yes, Windows 10 allows you to search anything by speaking it out loud. For this you have to press C followed by Windows key (Windows key + C). This will launch a well known function known as Cortana that actuates this search for you. However, if you don’t want to give trouble to your mouth you can also go for typing text.


Video + Game

Oh no, we are not talking about playing a video game but Windows 10 installed on your PC you can capture videos of your favorite game and share your best moments. First hit Windows key + G in order to bring Windows Game bar. Now you have to go with the combination of Windows key + Alt + G, and this will start the recording but only for 30 sec. while Windows key + Alt + R will start as well as stop recording the video from present up to your choice.

The Snapster

Snapster belongs to the user who is crazy for taking snaps (pics) at a regular interval of time. So, if you are one of them this one is for you. Unlike previous OS, Windows 10 is far good in terms of taking snaps. Like in Windows 8.1 you can get only two vertical snaps while in Windows 10 the term becomes just double. Yes you can take four of them in a single click. On wait, No click. To start with, first hit Windows key + Left/Right key, after this get you screen to the side and when you are done. Just hit it.