Customizing Taskbar in Windows 10

Customizing Taskbar in Windows 10

Operating the most amiable operating system of the world is like moving knife on butter. And when we say most used, it will be no other than Windows 10. It is also true that most of the applications of Windows 10 works in a predefined way like that they used to function in the previous versions of Windows like you get different buttons to operate different applications running on your system, pinning those icons for later use or a tray of icons present on your system.

Let’s just discuss about the ‘Taskbar’ available in Windows 10. It is pretty much same as the other operating systems like Windows 7, 8.1, etc. Just in case that the Taskbar of Windows 10 contains Cortana search box to assist you in your operations. But as said that even a perfectionist need some work on them to be more perfect. So, here are some of the useful tweaks that you can use to customize your Taskbar.


You know what is the most interesting part of technology, is that you can easily customize it to attain some extremely wonderful results and make it an effective thing. For example taskbar of Windows 10 is already loaded with useful settings but to taste an added flavor of excitement you can customize them according to your wish. Some of such things are:

  • Changing colors and transparency of the taskbar, which can make it look cool and effective as it is in present condition. For this first you have to open the ‘Settings’ window and then select the option of Personalization, Background, lock screens, colors. In the left hand side of a new window you will find option named colors. By clicking on it you will see some color option appears on the right. Select any one color from the choice available.
  • One more helpful tweak that you can apply on the taskbar is making it transparent. Under the same options given in the point above you will find option ‘Make start, taskbar and action center transparent’. Turn it ‘On’ and just see the difference.



Sometime all you need is some extra space on your system and here comes the need of this feature of taskbar. ‘Auto Hide Taskbar’ option gives you the facility if hiding the taskbar when not in use.

But don’t worry as whenever you need it just scroll your mouse pointer to the bottom part of your system and the task bar will automatically emerges up.

Right clicking on the taskbar will show you a pop-up window. Select the option of properties from it. A new window will appear in which you have to select the ‘Taskbar’ tab on the top left part. In this tab you will see an option named as ‘Auto Hide Taskbar’.

Just uncheck it and apply the changes. Your Taskbar will hide automatically after it.


It’s quite obvious that you want the option on the taskbar clear and easily recognizable.

If not, then you can do it by resizing the taskbar.

It is possible with the help of an easy tweak. Right click on the taskbar and deselect the option ‘Lock the taskbar’. Now put the pointer on the tip of the taskbar and you will see it gets converted into a double headed arrow. Enlarge the taskbar according to your wish.

Remember to select the option of ‘Lock The taskbar’ to avoid further changes in the size.


You don’t want the traditional bottom position on the taskbar. Not a big issue as you can adjust or change the position according to your wish that means in any other direction. Like right, left, up and down all on your choice. To apply this tweak you can follow this simple process.

Click anywhere on the taskbar and choose the option of properties. Now as usual a new pop-up window will appear in which you will find Taskbar tab. Click on it. Now in the option of ‘Taskbar location on the screen’ you can select the position where you want your taskbar to appear. See how simple it was.


Cortana is one of the best and useful services provided to the users by Windows 10. But you know what? This best service is not that much useful for the user as most of the functions performed by Cortana can be done with some handy tweaks like typing anything by just pressing Windows key and see you will find it much more similar to CORTANA.

But the point for which we are discussing about Cortana is that the search box provided for Cortana takes some extra space that makes taskbar congested. Solution for this is just using Cortana icon despite of using full search box. Let’s find out how you can do it.

  • By the right-click on the taskbar, you will see an option box appeared on your system.
  • Choose the option of ‘CORTANA’ from that option box.
  • It will direct to another pop-up menu having three options. Select ‘Show Cortana icon’ from that options. However, if you want to get rid of it you can also choose option named ‘Hidden’.


Task view gives you the facility of viewing your running applications and windows in a thumbnail view which means you have an opportunity of creating a virtual desktop with this option. But the question arises is that does it is really helpful as you can perform the same tasks with the help of a simple shortcut i.e. pressing Windows key and Tab. To be free from this service you can just right click on any vacant space on the taskbar. A new pop-up window will appear.

Uncheck the option named ‘Show Task View Button’. That’s it! Now you are free from the task view button.