How to Delete Photos from Google Plus Account ?

Delete Photos from Google Plus Account

What makes the online profile of a person interesting? Well, obviously the very first thing that one does to judge a person is by setting an eye on their photographs. With every moment that we live, we upload a picture, isn’t it? We’re so crazy about taking snaps that even while eating food, many of us click pictures, and upload it to social networks, hanging out with friends and family, we again click pictures and upload to social websites. Of course, youngsters of today’s generations surely can’t do without getting clicked.

Well, isn’t there some times when one just wants to get rid of some pictures from the album but doesn’t know how to delete photos and particularly how to delete photos on Google Plus?
We’ve been bombarded with this question many a times and we always ended up asking us that what makes Google+ so difficult to use? Actually, it is not difficult at all. It just keeps customising its interface very often. What’s more? There has been a recent update, yet again, in the Google+ accounts. So this write-up helps out to understand how to delete photos on Google Plus. Just follow these simple steps and refer to the pictures. To make it all the more helpful and to gain a better understanding of the process, it is advised if the steps are read and executed simultaneously.


It’s no rocket science; of course, deleting pictures from the latest version is as easy as it was in the previous one. In the newer version, however, the menu panel, which used to be on the left side of the screen, is not directly accessible.

Step 1 : Accessing The “Home” Button
In the latest one, the menu panel is actually kept hidden. This makes space for more updates and makes the screen look bigger and spacious. In order to access it, click or just point the cursor on the “Home” button, available at the top right of the screen.

delete google plus photos 1

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Step 2: Accessing The “Photos” Button
Out of these, click on the “Photos” tab, and wait for the results. When loaded, it will lead the user to all the photos and images that they’ve ever uploaded.

So, you now know how to delete images from Google Plus, but still, many of you might want better solution, no? So, How to delete photos on Google Plus even faster? To reach to a particular one faster, one can always search for it, using the photos search bar at the top.

delete google plus photos 2

Step 3 : The Final Adieu
In order to take down the desired picture, the user needs to access that photo. Just click on it, and it will be displayed on the screen. To bid the final adieu to it, look for the small Trash Can icon on the top right of the image, it is the one, which will do the job. Click on it, and bam!

All done. Happy Deleting 🙂

delete google plus photos 3


Google Plus has it all covered. In case users change their minds and want the deleted pictures back, they can do so by accessing the “Trash”. Trash is where all the deleted stuff from your account goes. But remember, once deleted from Trash, it’s gone!
In case you still face any issues and can’t delete your Photos from Google Plus account, do drop your comments below!

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