Make your Smartphone Smarter


It is impossible to imagine our lives without a Smartphone these days. Rather these days, we can do a lot more with our Smartphone than we could earlier do. Apart from social media usage, which is greatly facilitated by the Smartphone, there are many applications which make the job easy for us. To put this under one umbrella, due to mobile internet, the Smartphone’s usability and capability have increased many folds. To tap this increased capability, we need to know some tips and tricks to use the useful apps on Smartphone.

So, here are some of the useful tips and tricks


This is one of the top tips that come to mind, but most of the people get baffled as to how to achieve this. The data compression feature in chrome or off-road feature in Opera can be used for the cutting down overall data usage.

mobile data usage


Tracking data used by various applications is very easy, this can be easily achieved by using “My Data Manager”. For your Android phones, install the same from Google Play Store and allow it to track data consumption by the running applications on your Smartphone. Once installed, My Data Manager will give the data consumption pattern; you can kill the apps which are using unnecessary data. This will save both the battery of your phone as well as the data usage.

For iPhone users, the process isn’t that simple as android, and jailbreaking is needed to get to know the data consumption pattern in iPhones.

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To save a lot of MBs on your data, allow application updates over Wi-Fi. This will save a lot of data. By default, any Android app is set to auto update using mobile data or through Wi-Fi. It can be changed by going to Settings -> Update over WI-Fi, after tapping the menu button. Additionally, you can also switch over to Wi-Fi or switch off mobile data completely for some time.


With the advent of latest version of Android, Google Now is more effective and powerful. In simplest terms, it is a part of the Google search app. It is there for android Smart phones which have jelly bean or kitkat. You need to opt for it by swiping up from the bottom of your phone screen. The advantage of Google Now is that it provides all the information that you might need before you even ask. The information could be related to weather, travel, and sports and so on.

turning google now back on


Many smart phones come with the option of using the swipe feature. Instead of having to type each and every word, swiping completes the word for you once you start keying in alphabets. It is really fast and saves on a lot of time.

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You will find a great deal of difference in your Smartphone’s performance by employing this tips and tricks to use the useful apps on Smartphone.

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