5 Best Free Games To Play on Windows 10 from Microsoft Store

amazing gaming experience

What more can be expected than a full HD display, stereo speakers and Windows OS to gain an amazing gaming experience?

Microsoft Store is packed with loads of blockbuster games which can make you confused about what to choose for downloading. Obviously, you will go for those which would not break your budget. So, what if you will get numerous exciting and interesting games absolutely free of cost?

Microsoft Store provides you an opportunity to pick your favorite ones and enjoy your free time either with your friends or family, or you can even enjoy your own company to the fullest.

In this article, we have come up with the 5 best free games from Microsoft Store which you can play on your Windows 10 PC.

Asphalt 9: Legends

It is one of the best, most fearless action cars racing game which ensures to give the ultimate console racing experience to the players. It offers you a chance to show your driving skills on the real hypercars that cannot be found in any other racing game. You require picking your favorite cars, such as Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, W Motors or other and race across different locations against the opposing speed machines to win the race and become a Legend of the track.


  • The hyper-realistic arcade racing game consists of real cars, HDR techniques, and striking visual effects.
  • Choose from more than 50 world’s best speed cars based on their features and driving performance.
  • The new car editor allows you to select the color and material of a car to make it look best on the track.
  • To boost the speed of your car, you can charge it from nitro to ultimate Nitro Pulse.
  • The game has more than 60 seasons and 800 events, where you can race in an online multiplayer mode against up to 7 rival players.
  • The ultimate racing controls enable you to streamline your car steering so that you can concentrate on the arcade fast speed.
  • The Club feature allows you to create your own online community with the fellow speed freaks to get the best Milestone rewards as you go in the Club leaderboard.

Sniper Fury

Sniper Fury is all about showing your shooting skills where you have to take quick action and strike back to become the best sniper in the world. The main aim is to find the evil, no matter wherever it hides and kills it. You just require performing your duty and shoot whenever you find the evil. You need to strike against soldiers, vehicles, and others; this can be your best game for FPS gun fun.


  • It has incredible 3D sniper graphics which makes it one of the extraordinary gun games.
  • It also offers bullet time effects and weather effects, unlike other shooting games.
  • Get a chance to choose the best from 3D sniper rifles, railguns and more, and upgrade your battlefield.
  • You can make your own squad and even steal resources from other players in this PvP multiplayer battlefield.
  • You can earn high scores and target to enter the best FPS leagues.
  • This game allows you to join a 3D sniper clan, where you can trade, chat and share advice with other members in order to help fellow shooters.

Hill Climbing Racing

It is one of the best physics-based driving game you might have ever played before. This game involves a young aspiring uphill racer who is on his journey across the locations where no ride has ever been made before. The main aim is to help him reach the highest hills up on the moon. You have to overcome the challenges comes on your way using several different cars.


  • The game offers more than 29 vehicles to unlock, where you get a chance to choose the best based on your play style. These vehicles include jeep, monster truck, quad bike, racing car, ambulance, fire truck, tourist bus and many more.
  • It has over 28 stages, thus gives you endless fun.
  • You can gain bonuses and collect coins which help in upgrading your car and in reaching higher distances with less effort.
  • It can be played offline as well, thus giving you an opportunity to enjoy this most entertaining game whenever and wherever you want.
  • You can even create and drive your own vehicle using the Garage mode.

Modern Combat 5

It is another shooting game which has gained worldwide popularity due to its sharp controls, impressive graphics, and high-powered guns. With the various classes, you can go level up through single and multiplayer mode. You can either choose a solo play campaign or add your friends to play in a team, where you require shooting your way through a variety of situations to save the world by launching an attack against enemies.


  • The game consists of 9 classes with unique skills that include Assault, Heavy, Recon, Sniper, Support, Bounty Hunter, Sapper, X1-Morph, or Kommander. Here, you have to find the play style based on your shooting plans.
  • You can play in live online FPS battles and eSports wars. Plan your online multiplayer strategies, coordinate with your team and hit the battlefield.
  • It allows you to unlock higher-tier guns and other weapons, as well as customizing your weapon.
  • The intuitive and highly customizable controls enable you to play the game in your own way.

Minecraft: Story Mode

It is one of the most entertaining adventure games, where you and your friends are on the adventurous journey across the Overworld, including the Nether and The End, and beyond. The game revolves around to find the Legendary Order of the Stone-  Gabriel the Warrior, Ellegaard the Redstone Engineer, Griefer, and Architect; slayers of the Ender Dragon. When you and your friends learn about something suspicious, something dreadful, you all have to set a mission to find The Order of the Stone. All is done to save the world from oblivion. The first episode is free.


  • The adventurous journey in Minecraft completely depends on your decisions, both in the current episode and later episodes; it means whatever you choose to do will make your story.
  • It has an interactive animation and amazing voice actors which let you play this game for long without getting bored.
  • It allows you to make your own story which makes it more entertaining and addicting game you have ever played.


There is a huge list of free games to play on Windows 10, which can make you confused about what to choose and play. But if you have specific choices or you love to play particular types of games like racing games, adventure games, puzzles, etc., just shortlist them and get them one-by-one to enhance your gaming experience.