Windows 10 – The last version of Windows

Windows 10

Jerry Nixon, a development executive of Microsoft said in a conference that Windows 10 would be the last version of the Windows. He further stated that since it is going to be the last version of windows, Microsoft is still working on it and is scheduled to be released in July.

The news came as a shocker to the users of Windows who are used to getting a new version of the operating system every few years. However, the announcement is misguiding and it does not mean that there will be no Windows operating system after Windows 10. It only means that instead of releasing newer versions of the coveted operating system every few years, Microsoft, with Windows 10 will release updates for the operating system.
Since the days of MS DOS and till date users of Windows are used to buying individual and single formats of the Windows operating system. Once a newer version became available, the earlier version became obsolete and you needed to replace with a new version. Microsoft has moved on from this product based methodology to an online mode where Microsoft will release periodic updates for the operating system.
According to Microsoft, all users of Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 will get a free update to Windows 10 for one year once the operating system is released. Henceforth, the operating system will only be referred to as Windows and there will be no version numbers like Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows XP.
Nixon stated that the company deliberately avoided realising a Windows 9 since it wanted to break free from the past and enter a new era of computing with Windows 10. The launch of a new operating system required the company to develop it after almost every three years. It led to several developmental issues and other roadblocks which Microsoft had to address. Also, Windows users had to upgrade their operating system and had to migrate their data, settings and installations from one version of Windows to the next one. It also rendered several software obsolete since they were not compatible with the newer versions of Windows.

Windows 10 release would ensure that there will be no more newer versions and the operating system will have continuous updates which will make it better and more useful. This will save the company a fortune which otherwise would have been spent on developing a newer version of the Windows as well as it will be cost effective for the users.

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It is however still not clear for how long Microsoft will offer free updates to Windows. It might be for a specific timeframe or only for specific devices and once a device, which runs Windows becomes obsolete, there will be no further updates made available to the users.