HoloLens Gets More Real with Windows 10

Windows 10

Microsoft has announced that its augmented reality headset, HoloLens is set to make 3D digital projections more real. The headset will project images in 3D and the images will be so accurate that you would feel as if these are all around you in the real world. The projected images will look unbelievably real for you to see an athlete perform in your room or a wild animal moving around.

As you walk around these images, the projected angles would change according to your viewpoints and viewing angle. The technology deploys capturing images from several different angles and then projecting them. At Redmond Washington, Microsoft has designed a 3D holographic studio which captures images using around 100 cameras which are then projected through HoloLens.

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Microsoft is planning to make the technology more practically feasible for general use. The company is negotiating with several companies for incorporating this technology. Endeavour of Microsoft is to make the technology more cheap and practical so that these companies could adopt this technology. According to Steve Sullivan, the technology is way ahead of any other traditional technology which we currently use. At ‘LCD Vision Summit’ in New York, the technology was demonstrated and the projections are termed ‘video holograms’. LCD Vision Summit is an event where several companies are displaying their image processing technology.

The technology is set to become more practical with Windows 10 as HoloLens will project Windows 10 apps on the walls. This was demonstrated at Microsoft’s ‘Build’, its annual conference for developers. Several images were projected simultaneously like a holographic dog, a beach and Windows 10 apps including the Start Menu. With Windows 10, Microsoft has stated that it will be the last complete operating system and there will be no newer versions of Windows. The company will further release updates for Windows 10 and therefore it wants Windows 10 to be compatible for all the devices running Windows including HoloLens.

HoloLens opens up new possibilities with the incorporation of 3D holographic projections. It takes user experience to a whole new level. The projected images of the Windows apps and the Start Menu will make computing even more practical and mobile. The 3D images will give the users an experience of being a part of something real. If someone wishes to learn techniques of tennis, one can look closely at the holographic projections of the experts and learn from them. It will also become possible, if this technology can be adopted for more practical use, to record specific events in life and re-experience them in future by being a part of the holographic projections that will run all around you.