How to Convert PowerPoint Presentations into Video


Converting PowerPoint presentations into videos allow you to easily upload them online on websites such as YouTube and Facebook and also share them with a larger audience. It also allows creating a video which is informative and educational. The same is more relevant in the case of educationists and academicians. These videos can also be viewed on mobile devices, you can have a podcast of them and burn them on DVDs which can be watched on televisions.

Converting PowerPoint presentations into video files is an easy process and requires you to follow few simple steps.

[post-step]1.[/post-step]Create a PowerPoint presentation

Create a PPT file using PowerPoint and save it. Go to the menu option ‘Slide Show’ to define the time of the presentation and of the individual slides. In the menu, there are two options for you to choose from. The first option is ‘Record Narration’ which allows you to record your voice while narrating the convents on the slides of the presentation. The other option is ‘Rehearse Timings’ which allows creation of silent PowerPoint presentations and lets you decide the time for each slide.

[post-step]2.[/post-step]Upload the file over the internet

The PowerPoint presentation file thus created needs to be uploaded to one of the several websites which allow you to convert PPT files into video files. AuthorStream is a decent hosting service for PowerPoint presentations. You can upload PPT files s large as 1 GB on AuthorStream


[post-step]3.[/post-step]Convert the files to video

AuthorStream converts the uploaded PPT files to MP4 (MPEG4 Video) files. The conversion process requires some time but once it has been completed, you will be notified via an email.

The converted file can be downloaded by you or you can directly upload it on YouTube. You can also watch the video on your iPod. The quality of the converted file is of significantly superior quality and can be viewed on high resolution screens. AuthorStream also lets you create a podcast of your presentation files which can be directly exported to iTunes.


This gives your files a larger audience base. It is quite beneficial if you are an academician since you may have a huge pile of presentation files which you can easily convert into videos and share it with a large audience base.