How To Share Files Between Android and Blackberry?


With innovations in the technologies, many useful applications were developed to share files from one phone to another on the go. But the problem is that, you can share files only between same platforms i.e. Android to Android or Blackberry to Blackberry. And guess what? You have to choose cloud services for transferring files in different platforms Like Android to Blackberry.

Another way is to mail your stuff using your Android and download it on Blackberry or vice versa, which’ll be too tiresome to follow.

Both these methods waste time and data as you have to first upload your data and then download it back, and it turns out to be a drastic situation if you are using this method on Mobile data.

But no need to worry about this because with an app that almost each one of use on daily basis, you’ll be able to transfer files between Android to Blackberry phones.

Let us give you another simple method of transferring file from your Android to Blackberry. This method requires a computer so that you can connect both phones to the computer and then share files between both of them just by copy-paste method.

Simple isn’t it?

But you can only choose this method if you have computer. What if you want to share file on the go?

Now, if you don’t want to use computer for sharing then here is the simple method to do that …

Don’t think much because here is something for you by which you will find this task easy. As we all know that ES explorer is the best file managing app of Android phones, you can use the very same app that will allow you to share files from your Android to Blackberry.


  • Firstly, you have to install ES File explorer on both the phones. Android users can have it from Play Store while Blackberry users have to first install Amazon App Store and then ES File explore from that store.

es file manager

  • Now you have to establish connection from both the phones through same Wi-Fi network, which can be done pretty easily.
  • Once done, Open the application and then go to the stuff you want to share.
  • Tap and hold the file you want to send, and then tap on “More” option from left bottom corner. You will find send option. So, just tap on it.
  • Another screen will appear in which you will see the app scanning for other devices having ES file explorer.
  • When you find the name of the respected device you want to send the file to, tap on it.
  • The app will confirm the recipient by acknowledging the other device to accept the incoming file.
  • And once you accept the connection, the file/folder will be shared instantly.

So, by following this method, you can share files from your Android to Blackberry device with ease using ES file explorer. This way of sharing files is the most simple and efficient way, as it can be used on the go and without having to use any data packs.