Several File Compression Alternatives For WinZip


File compression is one of the most used tools these days. File compression makes it easy for users to send large sized or multiple number of files in a compressed format easily over e-mails and other mediums.

Today the two most commonly used compression tools are WinZip and WinRAR. Though, we will today have a look at several other third-party tools and alternatives which offers some very easy-to-use interface for file compression techniques.

Most of the tools are available across platforms for Windows, Mac and smartphones. You can choose the one you feel will work for you the best from all the below options.


B1 free archiver

B1 free archiver offers a very clean and professional interface for file compression. It supports several other formats that include zip, rar, jar, 7z, arj, xpi, txz and many more. The best thing about B1 free archiver is that it allows you to perform file compression both online and offline. Meaning, in case you don’t wish to download the entire software, you can do the entire file compression online. The other easy way is to download their free software for anytime offline use.


This is yet another compression tool that offers excellent compression ratios for your files. jZip supports several formats like zip, RAR, TAR, GZip and others. Its simplistic interface makes it to be a perfect choice for beginners.


Though it does not have much customisation options, you can perform the basic tasks of “compress” and “extract”. This is available absolutely for free. Just make sure that you tick/untick the boxes for additional changes suggested by the software during installation.


PeaZip is one of the most powerful compression tools that offers users an overall protection from suspicious prying eyes. This tools offers you enough flexibility to work on multiple files simultaneously and facilitates users to even extract the required and specific files from different compressed files.


PeaZip also allows you to add some very powerful filters to the specific required files. PeaZip too supports various formats like XZ, BZ2, RAR, Zip, TAR and GZ. You can get PeaZip for free here.


This is one of the most widely used compression tools when compared to its other competitors as 7-Zip offers one of the best compression ratios. Even when compared to WinZip and WinRAR, it offers 10% better compression ratios.

7 zip

Also, if you do your file compression in its native format 7z, you can get compression ratios of up to 30-70%. Note that this purely depends on the type of the file you are compressing. 7-Zip is is available at absolutely no cost and supports various formats like TAR, RAR, GZIP, Zip and WIM.


This compression tool offers an additional protection layer to your files by scanning for any possible viruses before opening them. This tool also offers multi-core compression, meaning in case you have a high-end PC, Bandizip will take full advantage of all the cores for faster and better compression.


With Bandizip, you can even protect your files with powerful encryptions like AES256 and ZipCrypto. It is available online for free.


This is a Google Chrome extension and lets you extract already zipped files on your PC or on Google Drive. Note that Zip extractor will put all the extracted files directly to your Google Drive and not on your PC. This proves as a good option in case you don’t want to download any other third-party apps.


With easy-to-use interface, Zip Extractor supports multiple formats. Install the Zip Extractor on your Chrome browser.