Best and Highly Efficient SMS Scheduling Apps for Android Devices

SMS Scheduling Apps

Following a specific schedule can be difficult especially in today’s fast paced life and sending a text message on time can be something that we easily forget due to our busy schedules. However, something even as small as sending an SMS in time can lead to forging better relationships with our family and friends and also allows us to seem more professional and sincere in our work life.


So how do we ensure that we send the right messages at the right time? Is there a way for us to draft our messages whenever we remember the fact that a message needs to be sent on a specific day and time and then it actually gets sent at the pre-decided time? Well, it is something that is quite possible with few of the best applications that let you schedule the date and time on which your text message is sent to your contacts. This will not only reduce the burden of you remembering such little things which can easily be forgotten but also will make you seem more punctual and sincere in the way you deal with people both professionally and personally.

Below are the five best apps for your Android devices that can efficiently manage the schedule for your SMSs


The application allows you to select the frequency of sending the SMS from your Android powered phone. The frequency can be set for anytime between 5 minutes to 1 hour. SMS Scheduler incorporates other features such as sending SMS to multiple recipients and selecting the names of the recipients from the contact list. The application has as very clean and simple interface and is available for free.



It is another clean and easy to use application with minimalistic interface that makes it highly intuitive and easy to use. The application allows specifying the time for sending the message and the messages sent by this application is stored in the application itself for accessing it in the future.


It is a highly efficient SMS scheduling app. The application saves the messages within its stock and allows easily accessing them in the future. On the main screen of the application, there are options to set the schedule for the SMS, view the schedule and other options. The application has a simple interface and displays instructions so that even new users can easily access the app and its functions.



The application includes advanced features vis-à-vis other similar apps. It allows you to schedule your SMS, view the schedules and also achieve the messages. It has a simple and yet powerful interface and also includes multiple templates that can be used to send unique messages.


It is another useful application for sending scheduled messages; but there are few unique features of this app. For one, it allows backing up messages on the SD card so that users can retrieve them in the future. Secondly, it allows sending messages in multiple languages.


Applications like the ones mentioned above are great tools that let you manage your messages and ensure that you will never miss out on messaging anything important to anyone again.