Best Android WiFi Analyzers to See Near by WiFi Hotspots

WiFi Hotspots

Wireless Fidelity or WiFi as it is commonly known as is one of the most popular means to connecting to the internet. WiFi connectivity is available in several places including airports, restaurant, cafes, offices, colleges and even at home. With the increase in the number of devices one uses, WiFi network is a feasible option even at home where each family member has more than one device connected to the internet.

Getting the right WiFi router installed and connecting to the right channel on WiFi helps increase the speed of the internet and optimize your internet browsing experience. But the question is how to ensure that you connect your devices to the WiFi network in an optimum manner. Well, it can be done using one of the several easily available Android WiFi analyzers that can be downloaded and installed on your Android devices and can be used to optimize your WiFi connectivity. Let’s have a look at some of them.


Wifi Analyzer is one of the most popular analyzer that turns an Android mobile phone into an Android analyzer and helps the users find the least crowded channel for their wireless routers. It is a very popular application among Android users and has been downloaded more than 250,000 times. It displays all the WiFi channels around the device on which it is installed and allows the users to choose the best and the least crowded one.



WiFi Channel Analyzer is a simple and yet highly efficient app for scanning the optimum WiFi channel. The application simply needs to be launched on the Android device and it scans the surrounding for the available WiFi channels and their data usage. It will then change the setting of the router accordingly.


Droid WiFi Analyzer is a useful application for scanning and managing WiFi channels and network. The application scans for WiFi channels from various access point that are in the range. It lists all the access points and analyses all the channels around the mobile device. It then selects the best of the available channels for the wireless router.


WiFi Signal Analyzer Manager is an efficient application for scanning and managing WiFi signals. The application scans for the various WiFi channels available in the surroundings of the Android device on which it is installed and monitors the various HotSpots and Access Points to determine which among them is the most optimum. The application displays graphically in real time the signal strength of all the available channels.


WiFi Connection Manager is a highly effective Android based WiFi analyzer that scans and monitors all the WiFi connections and displays results on the screen of the mobile device. It allows users to select the best connection out of the ones that are available.