Make Any Application Portable with Portable App Creators


Portable applications make your life easy by allowing you to carry them in your USB drive or any other external storage media without the requirement of installing them on the computer. Once the user is done with using the application, the eternal drive can be disconnected or if the application is stored locally then it may even be deleted.

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An application that is portable is highly efficient and useful. It does not make any changes to the Windows Registry and therefore once it has been used and removed from the computer, there is no trace of it remains. While there are several portable applications, it is also easy to create a portable version of any software you want. All you need is an effective portable app creator application to generate the portable version of your applications. These portable app creators use virtualization technology and scans the Windows Registry before and after an application is installed. It then evaluates the changes, combines the DLL, installed files, and registry files into a single executable (EXE) file.
There are several portable app creators. Let’s look at some of them.


Cameyo is an easy-to-use and highly efficient portable app creator. The application comes preloaded with more than 300 virtual applications and allows for easy creation of portable applications. The apps created by this software can be stored over the Cloud and the users can download them and use them anywhere. The portable applications can either be created on the local computer or online as per the requirement. Users can also easily download any of the existing applications or upload their self-created apps to their Cloud storage.

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ThinApp is another highly effective portable app creator and comes as a part of an application suite that consists of VMWare Horizon, Workspace Portal and Mirage. ThinApp makes it very easy to create virtual images of the existing applications and simply requires users to follow few easy steps. The application pre-scans a computer to check the registry entries and system files. The next step is the installation of the application of whose portable version is to be created. The third step is a post-installation scan to check for the changes done to the registry. The fourth step is combining the DLL and installation file and configuring an executable file. The fifth and last step is building the portable version of the application.


Spoon Virtual Application Studio is an easy-to-use application suite for creating portable versions of Windows-based applications. It efficiently creates portable versions of any Windows-compatible application without any hassle. There are four different wizards available for creating the apps.

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The first is the template wizard that includes a large range of the most commonly used applications. It is useful when the application of which the portable version is to be created is not available on the local computer. The next is the scan desktop wizard that scans the desktop for locally installed applications. Third is snapshot process for creating virtual images of third party application and the last one is manual configuration that is suitable for developers.


Enigma is a useful little application for creating virtual applications of applications. Users simply need to add the executable and other related files of an application to the Enigma application window and get their portable versions created.


It is another simple application for creating portable applications. Evalaze scans a system before the installation process of an application and once an application is installed, it again scans the system to check for new files as well as changes made to the registry. It them generates the portable version of the application.

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