Remix Mini is the First Complete Android PC

Android PC

Remix Mini, in its truest sense is the first complete Android PC. The portable personal computer that fits on the top of your palm is indeed the first of its kind. With its Remix Operating System, the Remix PC allows access to the entire range of Android applications while also displaying a user interface that is quite similar to Windows and Mac computers; complete with a scroll bar, taskbar, access to multiple windows and support for keyboard and mouse.

The PC will be made available in two versions; a 1G RAM and 8 GB internal storage that is suitable for most of the home users. The other version has 2G RAM and 16 GB storage that is intended for advance users. The operating system for the PC is the Remix OS that is customized on the basis of Android Lollipop. The OS gives access to over 1.5 million apps that run on Android environment.

The power consumption of the PC is quite low at 10 watts as compared to regular desktop computers that consume anywhere between 65 watts to 250 watts. The Remix Mini comes is equipped with Wi Fi, Bluetooth, USB and Ethernet access. The PC has a 64 bit chipset that is much more efficient than other 32 bit devices.
The device has a power button at the top of the device. It has a capacitive touch function and boots the PC within a few seconds. The Remix Mini is still under development and the project is being funded through crowd funding through the website KickStarter The product will be ready by October 2015 and will be shipped to the buyers worldwide.

Remix OS is the embodiment of that evolution. It is our vision of an agile operating system. It keeps the advantages of being a mobile OS, while adding the tools that define a PC operating system. Here’s how we measure up against some other mobile and PC operating systems. Via Remix PC

In terms of features, the device is highly useful and efficient. However, what remains to be seen is how effective it will be competing with smartphones and other mobile devices such as tablets since these are getting even advanced with each passing day and have competencies and efficiency that can easily challenge Remix Mini. What stands in favour of Remix Mini however is the fact that it is something unique and in terms of value for money, at least for now it is much cheaper than smartphones and mobile devices.