Pin Screen In Android 5.0 For More Privacy Over Your Device

Pin Screen In Android 5.0 For More Privacy Over Your Device

We’ve already flashed the newer version of Android, i.e Android 5.0 or as it goes by the name “Lolipop” on the very first day and after using for couple of weeks, yes, there are measurable changes that have been made.

Well, this post is absolutely not to layout the blue print for those changes, but instead concerned to particular section, which is no more than a little nifty addition, however, useful one for many.

It’s called “Pinning a screen“.

In simple words, take an example of when you go to some restaurant, which has a system to make an order using Tablet rather than traditional printed Menu. Can you use that same tablet for surfing the web? NO … right? Because the screen is pinned to show only Menu and nothing else.

Similarly, Pinning option in Android 5.0 lets you take over the control of your device before handing it to anyone else for using. You might have faced many situations where you end up giving your device to your friend or anyone else with a stone on your heart, knowing that there are many personal things you don’t want to share, but left with no choice. Isn’t it?

Worry no more ! If you happened to be using Android 5.0, you can simply Pin Screen, that’ll eventually lock your device excluding that particular app which you want to give access to others. For instance, if you want to hand over your device to unknown person to click your photo, you can Pin Camera app by which no one can access anything without unpinning.

So, how to do it?

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To start this feature, swipe from the top of your home screen and tap on date and time section. Now click on “Settings” gear icon located at the top right corner.

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In the Settings Menu, tap on “Security” option.

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In Security Menu, tap on “Screen Pinning” option, listed under “Advanced” setting at the bottom.

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Now, simple tap the slider located at the top to start Screen Pinning.

Once you’ve turned on the Screen Pinning, just open any application you want to give access to other and tap “Overview Icon” (square icon located at the right bottom with App Drawer and Back Icon), drag the application up and tap on the “Pin” Icon in green color located at the bottom.

Once it’s done, that particular app will be pinned to screen and to unpin it, you’ve to provide the pattern or security code you’ve set before.

Make sure to enable pattern unlock for added security. Doing this, you’ll have to unlock the device first before unpinning the screen.