Must Have Chrome Extensions That You Should Install in 2015


No need to debate when it comes to picking any one browser that almost everyone of us uses on daily basis. Of course it’s Google Chrome, the world’s most downloaded and used browser, and with every pushing updates it’s getting, it’s becoming more flexible, stable and fast.

And yes, with numerous powerful extensions available for this browser, everything seems just a click away. Google has setup most powerful extensions directory from where you can download extensions to add some more functionality in your browser. And needless to mention, no one of us can think of using browser without some “Must Have” extension, no? For example you if you’re getting too annoyed by those popping ads in website, you can’t block those ads in Google Chrome by default but there is one extension called AdBlock Plus that can stop most of advertisements in Google Chrome without any tweaking or settings.

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So, why this post?

It might be possible that extension you are using from a long time, which was useful once, at the time you’ve installed them, is no longer helpful and in returns crashes your system. So it very important that you must update and perform the checklist of must have Chrome Extensions that you should be using.

And guess what? To know about a new latest and must have Chrome Extension, you don’t need to crawl web upside down because we’ve prepared a list of most useful Chrome Extension that you should try in 2015.


Google Reader ended last year and until now Google has not started any similar service to read RSS feeds online. To fill this gap, Feedly, a third-party RSS reader application is available. You can get this application in smartphone, web version and Chrome Extension as well. So, all your feeds will be with you on the move.

With features like saving pages for later reading, sharing pages on Facebook directly, mailing pages to friends and many more, this application is one stop solution for all your feeds that you don’t want to miss.

feedly chrome 001


Pretty much sure that each one of us do this every morning, “Snoozing” the clock. So, as you’re pretty used to this name, you can use same function in Google Chrome too.

If you’re working on something and don’t want to get distracted, install the Tab Snooze. When you hit the Snooze extension button, it’ll put all the tabs in snooze mode until later and returns them to your browser automatically. You may call it a magic function. Too many tabs clutter your browser and you might go out of focus, so this is the most useful Chrome Extension that you must have.

snoozed list


If you ask us to pick an extension we want to install first, it’d be no other than LastPass. With so many login credentials, datas, and what not, LastPass is the solution that keeps your online username, email IDs and password in vault that load credentials automatically when you are visiting the same website again.

So, with single click, you can login to any website. No manual typing, and damm no need to remember those lengthy and strong password. And if you happens to be maintaining lots of online stuff that demands login, LastPass can be nothing less than saviour. You can also also centralize your data to use them across multiple devices.

lastpass chrome 002 1024x576 1


Want to experience distraction free videos on YouTube? If your answers is yes, then DF YouTube is only made for you. Once you install it on your Google Chrome, you will start enjoying clutter free videos. DF YouTube automatically hide comments, recommended videos and many more similar unwanted videos bars, and all you get is just the video you want to watch and nothing less.

DF YouTube


As it goes by the name, Awesome Screenshot is one of the awesome chrome extension that we use on daily basis. This is the only extension that works perfectly to capture the screenshots of webpage and share them with friends across multiple devices. There are some bunch of features such as Annotate, screenshot editing, save large images and send the screenshot into Google Drive, that can add to the charm this extension has got already.

Awesome Screenshot chrome 003


Did you like this article and want to read it later or any other content on web? If yes, then make sure to use “Save to Pocket”, that will help you to do same. Many a times we find interesting content on web that we want to read later, might be due to time constrains, and eventually forgets about it.

You might choose to keep that tab opened for a long time, but then, it’ll be memory consuming and will put load on system. Better way, use this extension in Chrome and save them for later reading. It automatically syncs to your phone, tablet or computer so you can view it at any time, on any device and even without an internet connection.

pocket for chrome