OneTab: Convert All Your Chrome Tabs Into List

Convert All Your Chrome Tabs Into List
Convert All Your Chrome Tabs Into List

Are you one of them who gets lost in a never-ending list of tabs in your browser which you purposely kept open, and now juggling to find the right one?

If same is the case with you too, let’s make it bit more smooth to access, cutting down on frustration that bundles up when you don’t get the right thing instantly. And even more, the whole process of opening up and keeping the tabs open eats up the maximum memory available to process the request, making your chrome browser slow.

So, instead of making your browser tab bar cluttered, why not to list all the tabs (which you kept or want to keep open) in a single tab? Yes, you heard it right … all countless tabs in a single OneTab.

The Chrome Extension called “OneTab” does this task for you. As the name suggests, it will pull each tab and make the list of each open tab (with links) in a single tab.

More so, using this extension you can free up your RAM up to 95%.

Sounds amazing?

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How Does It Work?

Working fundamental of this extension is darn easy.

Once clicked on the extension button, it simply converts all the opened tabs in a single list that can be accessed easily. Once the list of all your existing tab is made and listed in a single tab, you can restore them one by one or restore the whole tabs at once by a single click.

Apart from this, you can also use OneTab to share your opened tabs and Import & Export all your tabs as a list. If you don’t want to restore listed tab just click on “Delete All” option and all the tabs available with OneTab will be deleted. OneTab also has a options page where you can do some customisation for this extension.

Missing Feature

Not everything is perfect in this crucial world and everything has its own drawbacks. The most important missing feature with this extension is “Sync“.

Yes, you can’t sync your tabs across all your devices. So you can use this extension on your desktop Google Chrome, but can’t sync it back to your Mobile device for instant access.

In addition, if you want to open up any tabs from OneTab list, the whole website will load, taking bit more time and bandwidth instead of pulling it from cache.

However, the problem this extension solves are far more likeable to not to try this extension.

How to Install?

Likes other Chrome Extension you can install it directly from Google Chrome Web Store.

Just search the term “OneTab” in the search box and you will get this extension. Click on “Get Extension” to install the same.