How To Create Master Control Panel In Windows


You might be worried about what’s happening latest in the Tech world, but let me tell you something … there are many Windows users who’re still using Windows 7 or Windows Vista, whatever the reason might be, and no doubt, Microsoft ‘s Windows is a well organised platform for all users.

Though we recommend upgrading to latest stable version, be it Windows 8 or 8.1, or if you’re too eager to test, you can download Windows 10 Technical Preview, whose final stable built is just some months away, but in case if you’re still glued to Windows 7 or Vista, as many of you’re are definitely, you can take control of your system by creating Master Control Panel, often dubbed as “God Mode”.

Control panel in Windows 7 is great with well mannered graphical interface , and remember, we are talking about the period when Windows 8 was just a dream. To add to that, Windows Vista and Windows 7 has an advanced hidden feature which enables you to view and control all programs as well as sub programs of Control panel under one roof.

Sounds exciting, no?

This feature is named as ‘Master Control Panel’ or often called “God Mode”. The reason it is useful to enable it is, it helps you in controlling all your tasks from one location.

Nothing fancy! Master Control Panel looks similar to the Classic view of Control Panel in Windows 7 but has more precise task controlling than in the original one.

Note: Master Control Panel is an excellent feature but better ignore it if you have 64-bit Windows as it may crash your system.

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Table of Contents

Creating Master Control Panel

To create master control panel in Windows, you need to perform some specific steps.

  • Create a New Folder on your desktop. To do that, right click on a vacant space on your desktop -> Go to New and click on Folder option.
  • Rename this folder by entering the text given below.

Master Control Panel {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

Note:- Remember the text in the bracket should be same and must be entered with the name. You can even used “God Mode” or even your name in place of “Master Control Panel”.

  • As soon as you change the name of the folder, its icon will also change automatically. This icon will look same as the icon of Control Panel.

All done, select it and hit enter. And guess what? When you open the folder you will see all the programs and sub programs installed on your system is listed in it.

So, once you’ve done this, you can check all your programs and control them easily without navigating to each program or to control panel sections every time.