How to Uninstall BlueStacks Completely


Frustrated with the error popping up every time when uninstalling BlueStacks? No worries! Here is the ultimate guide to Uninstall BlueStacks Completely from Windows.

The popularity of Smartphones is increasing drastically day by day. And this has provided the young generation with so many exciting and attractive things or what is called in mobile language ‘Apps’. The things which were completely unimaginable even a few years back are the reality of the present time. Could anyone think that mobile can be used for accessing the internet or for doing video chat or for watching live TV or even controlling your phone through your voice? Such things these days are as prevalent as talking over the phone. Thanks to the Smart Device!

And when Smartphone Apps are concerned, Android apps are the most eminent ones. The popularity of these apps has reached to a level where users are now even accessing those through their PCs or Laptops. Many of you might possibly be using those apps developed specifically for Android on your Windows or Mac based system.

But, since the supporting or operating system of smartphones and PCs/Laptops is different, users need to install supportive software for that. Accordingly, to accomplish this purpose BlueStacks emulator is regarded to be the best when it comes to user interface. It is undoubtedly one of the best emulators to run Android apps on PCs.

uninstall bluestacks app playe 1

The distinguishing facts of this emulator from others is its free access. Yes, It is absolutely free to use!  This is why the popularity of this emulator is increasing rapidly. But alongside such advantages, users have reported some major problems, associated with this emulator.

One of the major problems that every other user is confronting is getting error message while trying to uninstall the emulator completely. It is indeed a genuine problem and if you are a victim of the same, read on to know how to uninstall BlueStacks completely from your PC.

Since BlueStacks has updated the version, every user is upgrading it too. But while uninstalling the old version and re-installing the new version, an error message showing “a later version of BlueStacks is already installed. Setup will now exit” pops up. A large number of users are still facing this problem. It may be because there are some surpluses remain in your system after you uninstall BlueStacks.

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Steps to Uninstall BlueStacks

If you’re among those who tasted the real frustration when installing newer version of BlueStacks, thanks to some residue still residing on your system of last version installed … need not to worry!

You can pretty much install latest version of BlueStacks easily. All you’ve to do it just remove the leftovers from your system to pave the way for latest version. That’s it!


Just follow some quick and simple steps !

  • Go to “Control Panel” and remove the application from there and also remove it from the notification center by choosing “Hide Icon Option”.
  • Now go to Services by hitting Windows button + R and then type “msconfig”. Find out Services tab and the file related to BlueStacks. Delete all those files. Complicated? Simple way … do it using Process Hacker 🙂
  • Now check whether the following data have been removed or not.

C:\Program Files (x86)\BlueStacks or C:\Program Files\BlueStacks



  • Now if you are done with all these steps, clear the registry by identifying the BlueStacks folder from registry settings. If you know to play with registry settings or if you feel comfortable navigating in registry settings, you can do this manually. If not, be the lazy person and choose the easiest way.


  • Run the following by right clicking on link and then choose to Save. And then double click on it !…

The above mentioned process will help you to uninstall BlueStacks completely from your system and will let you enjoy all the latest Android apps on your PC like never before with the upgraded BlueStacks version.

Note – If you are still having the same issue then run “ccleaner” and delete all BlueStacks files and folders completely from your PC and then reboot your system before re-installing the application.