A Must Have Messenger Apps for Windows 8


Technology is facilitating and bringing people closer and enabling them to connect with each other even more than ever before. Distances have shortened to the extent that now they seem to be an illusion. The need for such an arrangement arose with the advent of globalization. Productivity thrives on communication. As more and more people from myriad cultures and geographies came together, a set-up which could make communication happen faster evolved.

It was useful for both the fronts: be it for business or for personal use. Technology equipped us with umpteen means of communication. As we progressed, we saw means of communication getting faster and more convenient. It started off with emails and eventually messengers made their way. The key differentiating factor between emails and messenger is the concept of “presence”. For e.g. if you send a mail to a friend you don’t come to know if they have read it or not. Such is not the case with instant messengers. They provide a better probability that the message will be sent and also the receiver will respond. Considering the convenience and speed messengers provide, they have become a market of their own. Every now and then we get to see some or the other new IM (Instant Messenger) hitting the block! With the tremendous success of WhatsApp, IM market has seen an immense growth!

So, let’s cut the cord 🙂 If you’re from those you wish to use Messenger for Windows 8 OS, this article is dedicated to for you. Here is the list of best and useful messengers for Windows 8.



This is the most socially active era, no? We now share the most trivial updates about us with our friends. And needless to mention that this is the age of conversations. So what could be better for the purpose but Facebook, which was the prime contributor to this revolution. Facebook messenger lets us to have hassle free conversations with our Facebook friends. Launched in August 2011, it has become an integral part of our Facebook experience.

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Now a part of Microsoft, this freemium application when it started was no less than a messiah for millions. Using Skype, you can voice call, video call or send instant messages. It is garnering eye balls with it exclusive features like file transfer and video conferencing. With Skype’s text chat client you can group chat, send emoticons, store chat histories or edit a previous message.

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It doesn’t need an introduction, does it? It is a show stopper! A trend setter which set the path for other messengers to follow. It is among the most widely used messengers in the world. Facebook agreed to pay a whopping $19 billion to own it. What more can be said.

Extremely easy to use and fast, WhatsApp has become an integral part of our daily lives. From sharing pictures to videos to voice messages you can be with your friends all the time! The newest trend is of sending voice messages where in you don’t even have to type! Isn’t it simply fantastic?

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As the name suggests it lets you ‘kik-start’ dialogues! It uses phone’s data plan or Wi-Fi for transferring of messages. You can share pictures, videos, sketches and other content over it. You don’t need to have a person’s phone number to add them, as it uses email ids. Started by a bunch of students, it is gradually gaining momentum.

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