How To Remove Watermark From Windows 10 And Windows 8


Deviantart is an online platform where people shows their creativity and shares many awesome things, in case you don’t know. This is very good place to search and review new apps and different types of art. Recently Microsoft announced Windows 10 Technical Preview 9926 that is available for download and test. And with each update, Microsoft adds a watermark logo at the bottom-right corner of OS that shows the operating system information. I don’t like this, as it looks annoying most of time and I’m pretty much sure that you don’t like it too.

Till date, we don’t have such what we call “ready-made” tool to sort this out, but finally one small app called Universal Watermark is been pushed, which can remove all kinds of watermarks in Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 8. It works in any build starting from Windows 8 build 7850 (early beta) to the latest Windows 10 versions, including future builds. It means you don’t need to download different apps with every release of Windows to remove the watermark. This is very cool app with a single button install. You don’t need to configure any option, file and registry key to hide the watermark in Windows 10, 8 and 8.1 as well. Just download the app and click on Install button to start the watermark removing process.

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The image above shows you a small watermark at bottom-right but we can disable it using Universal Watermark Disabler without any effort.

Download the Universal Watermark Disabler using the link available at the bottom and start the app. Make sure you have save your work because system will be logout and login again to apply the new changes.

We have used this application over different operating system like Windows 8 Preview, 8.1 and now on Windows 10 Technical Preview and yes, the app works perfectly with all versions of Windows without any lag. The most cool feature of this app is, it will not modify any system file and you can be pretty much sure that your system will remain stable.

Once done, check the result. Watermark will be gone from desktop.

Download Universal Watermark Disabler