Keep Your Eyes Healthy – Eye Health Tips for Computer User


Eye muscles are like any other muscle in the body and a few relaxing exercises will help them feel better and make you healthier and productivity.

Working for long hours on computer can be very strenuous for your eyes. Staring at your computer screen for several hours a day leads to health related problems such as headache, sore eyes and vision related problems. The basic issue is that computers are everywhere and there is no getting away from them. It is exactly for this reason those who have to work on computers must follow an exercise routine for their eye. Eye muscles are like any other muscle in the body and a few relaxing exercises will help them feel better and make you healthier and productivity.

Place you palm on the eyes

It is a very basic and easy exercise. Simply rub your palms against each other till the time they feel warm. Place your palms on your eyes in a cup like shape. The heat generated by rubbing your palms will be transferred to your eyes and the eye muscles will feel relaxed.

Consistent blinking

Blinking is a natural process and the eyes blink every few seconds. However while focusing on something the eyes tend to ignore it for much longer. This causes itching and headache. This happens very often when we work on computers. We actually forget to blink and later complain about headaches and other problems related to eyes. For those working on computers, blinking needs to be practiced just like any other exercise. Simply blink your eyes consciously every 3 to 4 seconds till the time it becomes a habit.

Rolling the eyes

Just like rolling your waist or your neck has its own benefits, rolling your eyes is also a very good option to rest your eyes. Rolling helps with relaxing your eye muscles and allows you to work longer without causing much stress to your eyes. Close your eyes and roll them in a clockwise direction. After a short while role them in the opposite direction.

Visually scanning objects

Eye muscles change their shapes when focusing on various objects. This helps in changing the focus from an object that is near to an object that is at a distance. While you work on the computer, you focus for long on a nearby object – your computer. While working, take short breaks to scan distant objects in the room. Look at their outlines and this will help you relax and exercise your eyes.


While working you focus too much on your computer screen. Take a pause and focus on other objects around you. This will allow the eye muscles to change their shapes as they have been constantly focusing on a single object for too long.


Close your eyes and glance at a distance. Try to glance as far away as possible without straining your eyes. After glancing for some time, look down and then repeat the exercise. In between open your eyes for a few seconds so that they get sufficient supply of oxygen.
Relaxing and exercising your eyes is a matter of just following a few steps. It will help you increase your productivity and eliminate any eyes related ailments.