Benefits of Using a Disposable Email ID

Benefits of Using a Disposable Email ID

Emails are required for almost every online activity. Whether you are buying something online or simply subscribing to a newsletter. Every web service requires you to provide your email address. An email is the simplest way to get all the information you need. Every relevant information, notification or communication gets delivered to your inbox and you can access it all from a single location.
But, there is a downside to all this, and it is called spam. Not every spam mail goes to spam folder of your email. Every time you check your inbox, you realise that the majority of the mails in your inbox are nothing but spam and you wonder how did you get subscribed to a service without every checking it.

It is because several highly aggressive advertising portals subscribe you to various websites without your knowledge. You get all sought of unrequired and irrelevant inbox message that just clutter your mailbox. Also, at times you give your email address to someone for a specific purpose. But you observe it only adds to the clutter of mails in your inbox with several irrelevant emails.
To counter this nuisance, the easiest and the best way it to use a disposable email address. Disposable email addresses are created for specific purposes and are customized for the requirements. Once the purpose is achieved, these can be discarded or deleted without affecting your mail inbox. Once you delete it, you continue to get regular emails in your inbox while spam messages stay out of the way.

There are several service providers who offer disposable email addresses.

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GuerrillaMail allows creating email addresses with nine domain names. The service allows receiving and sending emails just like a regular email but a user can easily have several aliases. The mails received in the inbox are deleted after an hour. It is a good option when subscribing for a service that keeps sending you emails that you never intend to check.



It is a publicly visible email. Anyone can access and see the mails received in the inbox of this email service even if they just have the email address. It does not require any kind of password to be entered. All the emails are public. It is a good option where a temporary email is needed for a short while without any consideration for privacy.

Air Mail

Air Mail includes all the features of a traditional email account. When you visit the site, it will provide with an auto generated emails address which gets changed every 10 seconds. Once you select an email address, you can use it in any way you want. You need to keep it opened in your browser and after 24 hours of time without any activity, the email account gets deleted.
These are some of the examples of disposable email services. There are several others who offer similar services. Disposable email accounts allow you the flexibility of using various services for which you have a temporary requirement without actually having to reveal your identity.