A Guide to Manage Notifications in Windows 10

A Guide to Manage Notifications in Windows 10

In today’s technological evolving world notifications plays an important role on our Windows PC as these notifications are the only informative sources that inform us what is going on in our computer. These notifications include information about your operating system, installed applications, emails and many more important tweaks. But sometimes these notifications may annoy you and there comes the need of managing them. It is important to know how you can control these notifications on your Window PC in order to prevent yourself getting disturbed by them.

If we talk about the previous version of Windows like Windows 8.1, there was a special function for managing these notifications i.e. ‘Action Center’. On the launch of the latest as well as the last version of Windows OS i.e. Windows 10, Action Center was not available in it. But not to worry much as now in the current update Action Center is available for Windows 10 also. With this you can easily manage the notifications on your Windows 10 PC. Let’s quickly fall on the ways how these notifications can be managed.

  • Quiet Hours

One such way to manage these annoying notifications on your Windows 10 PC is by using ‘Quiet Hours’. Through this option you can stop all the notifications doesn’t matter it is of your operating system of installed applications. One thing that is to be cleared right here is that the action performed by this option is temporary i.e. it only disable notification for some time.


To activate ‘Quiet Hours’ you have to just click on the ‘Action Centre’ located in the task bar. Go to the Quiet Hours option and tap on it.

  • If you are not satisfied with the quiet hours option of managing the notifications there is one more way to stopping these notifications. It is to turn off master alert toggle. By this option all the notifications will be turned off permanently but remember going for this option may not be a good choice for your PC.

Above two are the immediate but unfavorable solutions for managing the notifications as both of the above stated method stops all the notifications. What if you want to see notifications from some applications at the same time to stop notification from other applications? To make that thing simple for you can follow a simple process given below.

  1. To start with first you have to go to the Start Menu. In this ‘Start Menu’ click on the ‘Setting’ options.


  1. Now you will see another window showing the main page of ‘Setting’. On this page click on the option named as ‘System’.


  1. Next page comes with the options of system settings from which you have to select the option of ‘Notifications and Actions’.


  1. Under this page of ‘Notifications and Action’ you will see different options showing the way you want to control the notifications for different sectors of your PC. Let’s discuss them in detail.
  • First option in this menu is ‘Show me tips about Windows’. With this option you can either turn on or turn off the notifications about Windows.
  • Next option is of ‘Show App Notifications’. If you want to manage the notifications of the installed application on your Windows PC you can turn it off.
  • Show Notifications on Lock Screen’ option gives you the facility to display notification regarding your PC on the lock screen.
  • Next option in this menu is of ‘Hide Notifications While Presenting’’ It is an important option as you don’t want any notification to tweak in whenever you are in any official presentation on projector or any external screen.
  • One of the most important options of this ‘Notification and Action’ menu is ‘Show Notification for these apps’. In this option you can select for which applications installed on your pc you want notification. Thus you can turn off the notification of unused apps. In this option you can have the choice of turning the Off.


However you can also go for the sub options like ‘Sound and Banner’ which allows you to set detailed setting for any application. For example if you want that the notifications for any application, you can select whether these notification show banner and play sound when arrives.

We hope that these simple instructions will help you to manage the annoying notifications on your Windows PC. And you know what if you want to again turn them on the process is also simple. But before this just asks yourself is it really important to turn off these notifications off as these notifications gives you helpful tips. These notifications pop ups in the notification centre and thus doesn’t annoy you much. So whenever you fell free you can jump inside the notification centre and can go through them.