Ways To Popularize Your App On Google Play


With the exponential growth in the number of mobile apps available on Google play store, the task at hand for the publishers is to get them noticed. As the amount of clutter is growing, the choice of right platform for business promotion has become very critical. This trend is prevalent in all businesses. Thus app developers are no exception. Even they have to publicize their product on the Internet to be able to find a bigger pool of buyers. The android apps have become an essential part of everyday life. They serve as facilitators of various activities like to book tickets, buying stuff, making reservations, etc. as in easing the otherwise tedious procedures. Since they find such wide usage and acceptability, we are witnessing the enormous rise in their number which makes popularizing the app even more essential.

popularizing app

So let’s go through several ways in which this can be done, which will be beneficial, if you’re also an Android App developer.


Many biggies like Amazon have gone for this approach in the past. Amazon did a dedicated TV commercial for its mobile shopping app. According to a Nielson Report around 40% of mobile phone and tablet users use their devices while watching TV. So this technique captures the audience at the right moment. While it is very effective, the major drawback with this approach is that it involves very high budget. So for small players it’s like burning a hole in their pockets!

TV Advertisment


This is the fashion statement in marketing for today! Everywhere we see all businesses fighting with each other to find a place for themselves trying to break the clutter with innovative ideas. Again, app developers can’t afford not to be present on social media! There are apps which maintain blogs with a lot of compelling content. One such app is RunKeeper. Many a times they have made brilliant conversational campaigns on Twitter that could engage people to great extent.

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So, Social Media Marketing is must!


A higher rated app always stands a better chance of download. If your users like your app you can ask them to rate it. With tools like Localytics, which is the mobile app analytics and marketing tool, you can do segmentation of your users and identify your most frequent users and can target them specifically with an in-app messaging campaign.

rate the application


The app can be submitted to various app stores so as to increase the customer base. Here are some lists of a few of such stores.

app submission


People look out for reviews before downloading an app. Nobody is interested in downloading an app which has no reviews about it. One thing that small developers do as a start is to ask their friends and family to download the app and write reviews. There are professional services available for the job at hand. All you need to do is submit your app at one such service. They aren’t just reviewing your app, but also suggest changes that can improve it. It helps to increase the number of downloads.

review your app from professionals

Given below are the names of some review services which you must use to get healthy reviews and suggestion for your app.

So, start working on marketing strategy and use different services to make your app much more popular!