Installing Multiple Applications Simultaneously On Windows 10


Microsoft releases newer versions of Windows every few years and it might be a temptation initially to get the latest one installed on your computer, however, it comes with its own set of problems. Also, having the latest versions installed becomes a necessity after a while as most of the latest releases of software are compatible with new versions of Windows.

Therefore, while you decide to get the latest version of the Windows operating system installed on your computer, it also means getting many of your software installed as well. Also, you might have bought a new computer and want to install your required software or want to install software on multiple computers. This can be a daunting task. With Microsoft releasing Windows 10 operating system, this will be a problem faced by many.

However, wouldn’t it be convenient that instead of installing single software application on your computer from individual application’s EXE file, you could conveniently select a list of applications to be installed on your computer and get all of these software applications installed simultaneously without any hassle?

Well, this indeed is a possibility!

It is possible to get multiple applications installed on your Windows 10 operating system simultaneously and in an efficient manner. Let’s find out how.


Installing multiple applications is a simple procedure and all you need to do is to use an application that enables you to do so. Ninite is an efficient application that enables users to install multiple applications in a single instance. Ninite is a fantastic program that enables mass installations of applications.

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To being the process, you are required to visit here! On the website, you need to create a custom installer. This includes selecting the applications which you need to install from the list on the website. It may be possible that the list may not include certain applications which you want, but certainly has most of the commonly used software, browsers, image editing tools and other important applications.

Once you have selected the applications which you need, click on the ‘Get Installer’ button. This results in compilation of an EXE file which you have to run. This constitutes the entire process! No more processes or hassles. With a simple process, you can install multiple applications on Windows 10 operating system. Ninite can detect the version of the Windows and its bit version as well. It therefore installs the most suitable version of the application on your computer.

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You can save the EXE on your system for using it in future. It is a simple installer and does not require much of the system memory to be stored on the computer.

With a few simple steps, you can get most of the commonly used applications installed on Windows 10 simultaneously without the requirement of installing every single application and clicking on the prompts.