How To Create Windows 10 Bootable USB Drive


Needless to say that we all use USB drives, because it can carry huge data, saves lots of time and hell lots of other benefits. USB drives works fast and there are very low chances of data corruption when we compare it with any optical media like CD or DVD. Also, it is a very convenient solution to keep your documents safe and always with you as well as you can USB drives to install Windows on a computer.

Few years back, only CD or DVD was the first choice of every user to install new operating system. However, from quite some years, this has been changed with some better solutions where USB flash drive is one of them. You can use same USB flash drive to install many different operating system again and again without spending any penny on DVDs and CD/DVD writers.

Here is the complete guide, tools information and methods that you can use to create Windows 10 bootable USB Drive at free of cost.

Table of Contents


  1. A good quality USB Flash Drive with space of Minimum 4GB (SanDisk Recommended).
  2. Windows 10 Operating System ISO image that you can download here.
  3. Make sure you have no important data in your USB flash drive because that will permanently erase during the bootable process. So, keep backup all of your important data from USB Drive.
  4. A good tool to make Windows 10 bootable USB drive.


There are hell lots of tools available on the internet to make a Windows 10 bootable USB drives but we always recommend the official Microsoft Windows 7 USB/DVD tool to make a bootable USB drive that works awesome.

Download Windows 7 USB/DVD Tool

Note: Don’t worry and don’t take any attention of this application name that states “Windows 7”, because this is just available for Windows 7, but it works well for Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 as well (Personally Tested).

#1. After downloading and installing this tool start it (you should find shortcut of this program at your Windows desktop and your in program menu as well.)

#2. Click on Browse button to locate the Windows 10 ISO image (You can also use another ISO of Windows OS if you don’t want to install Windows 10). Click on Next button to go for further steps.

#3. This is time to select media type, you can DVD or USB device . Here we are making bootable USB drive so click on USB device option.

#4. Choose the USB device that you want to make Windows 10 bootable USB Device. Finally, click on Begin copying option.

#5. Make sure there is no important data with USB flash drive that you are going to make bootable. If you are sure about everything, click on Erase USB Device and take rest till process ends.

Yes, That’s it! This is the simplest way you can use to make Windows 10 Bootable USB device in just few steps.