How to Customize Windows 10 Start Menu


We know that you’re excited with new Windows 10 that comes with lots of new improvements and features. And like you, we are also doing lots of things, managing, tweaking and hell lots of other stuffs on Windows 10 from last couple of days and got lots of handy improvements.

After using for couple of days, we can surely say that Windows 10 is better than Windows 8/8.1 when we are talking about apps and visual style of Windows. The most awaited feature Start Menu is finally back in this version that was not available in Windows 8 and 8.1. This time Microsoft has redesigned the original start menu in new Modern style Start Menu. Now you can also resize the Start Menu in your own way and can do lots of customization.

For quick view you can check the video below:

So, you ready to personalize the things on your Windows 10?

If yes, let’s start digging in!

The must used section in any Windows Version is the Start Menu. So, why not to Customize Windows 10 Start Menu, to give it a personal touch? There are many option given to customize your start menu. You can only change the size from up-side of Start Menu. Resize options not appears for right side of menu but you can easily change its width using up side customization option. You can make Windows 10 Start Menu more slick and stylish and can pin or unpin items from it.

To unpin or remove any item from Windows 10 Start Menu just right-click on then and click on Unpin option.

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Unpin and pin to taskbar Start Menu Items

Resize Modern App Tiles in Start Menu

Windows 8 Start Screen supports app tiles size customization and the same feature is also available for Start Menu in Windows 10. You can set modern app tiles size as small, medium, wide and large.

Pin items to Windows 10 Start Menu

In new Start Menu you can pin most of items to get quick access of your favorite items. For example we tested it with Songs drive which is now showing in Start Menu as tile (for quick selection). To do this you can right-click on any time and click the option Pin to Start. You can also pin the tile in your Windows taskbar using option Pin to taskbar that makes this new Start Menu more useful.

If you just want to put some tiles in Start Menu, right-side menu to left-side menu you can do it via just dragging-and-dropping the tile from right to left and vice-versa. Once your drop the right-menu item in left side, it appears at the same time. After putting the tile right to left you can remove the same tile using right-click > Unpin from Start option to remove double entry of same item and save some more space for other useful shortcuts.


There is no specific option to change color of Start Menu because Windows 10 Start Menu color depends on Windows 10 Color and appearance. So, when you change Windows 10 color and appearance, Start Menu color gets automatically changed in color you have selected for whole Windows 10.

When you click on Personalize option, Color and Appearance window will open where you can set your own favorite color and appearance that will also work for Start Menu background.

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