How to Backup Windows 10 Registry


We can’t deny the importance of system backup on regular basis knowing that there’ll be no warning before system crashes all of the sudden. If you have backup, you can easily get rid of any system disaster without losing any data. We are regularly publishing contents related to Windows Customization and this time Windows 10 is on our hot list. Most of tweaks and customization works by just modification in system registry keys. So, it is very important that you have well recovery option of system as a backup to restore them later in case you did any wrong with system registry. Also, in case you don’t know, Windows Registry works as a database for all configuration settings on whole computer system and wrongly modification in system registry potentially will lead to system crashes and conflicts.

So, the question is how to backup Windows registry safely to avoid any future malfunctioning of Windows PC. We can do Windows registry backup in two way, first you can export all the registry key in a single file using Registry editor built in export feature and second method is to use any third party tool to do professionally backup of Windows registry.

The first option is simple and straight forward. Open the registry editor (Win + R > Regedit).


Go to File menu and click on Export menu. When you click on Export option, Windows will ask you to save the the file at location you want. It will take few seconds to export the whole registry in a single file as a backup.


The exported file will work as Windows Registry backup. In case you did any wrong with registry, you can just double click on the exported registry file and it will automatically update the registry as you stored last time. So this is very important that don’t use any old backup of registry. It will be better to always to export the registry just before editing registry files for any customisation.

We have explained how you can backup the Windows registry without any application in manual mode but it might be very difficult to export Windows registry back for non technical users. It would be better to use any third party application that could backup the Windows registry and restore as well. There are hundreds of apps around the web that can backup and restore Windows registry without any lag but we always prefer to use free and lightware apps.

Thankfully, there’s a tool named RechBak that is solely made for this purpose. RegBak is a nice freeware portable tool that lets you backup and restore the Windows Registry in a few seconds. Using this we can create backup of Windows registry at location of your choice.

As the screenshot above the tool looks straight forward to use. Click on Browse button and locate the location where you want to keep your Windows registry backup safe.


The cool feature of this app is that you can use the same tool to restore the previous taken registry backup. During the backup process, it keeps all the backups in well format with time and date stamp so you can restore any backup of your choice. To restore any registry backup start the RegBak click on View Backup option and select the backup that you want to restore. Once you select click on Restore button.


Yeah, as simple as that! Backup is done 🙂