How To Customize Or Remove Search Bar In Windows 10


We have revealed a new hidden login screen in Windows 10 and today we’re here with one more interesting Windows 10 customization tweak, that will show you how you can customize or remove new Search Bar from Windows 10 Taskbar. Before putting any customization on this blog, our team do test them on our testing system to ensure that customization we are publishing works well.

The latest build of Windows 10 comes with lots of new features and enhancements. The build are only for testing purpose so you can do full experiment with the latest build and can enjoy new features with every updates. This new build comes with new Search Bar in Taskbar that works exactly like Windows 8 Charms Bar but this time, it is available in Taskbar. New Search Bar in Windows 10 Taskbar allows you to search in Windows, Web and new Cortana interface. We are using a big resolution screen so new Search Bar not makes any issue but people who have small screen or resolution may face issues with Search Bar because it holds most of space in Taskbar.

Fortunately Microsoft care about this and added a function to control over Search Bar. In Windows 10 Build 9926 you can right-click on Taskbar and move your cursor on Search option. Search option will popup with three sub-menu called DisableSearch Icon and Search Box. Actually this is what you’ll be looking for because you can select any option from control Search Bar appearance style.

Disable: This is self explanatory. It will simply hide Search Bar from Taskbar. After disabling the Search Bar, you will see a clean Tasbkar that looks like exactly Windows 7 and 8 Taskbar.

Show Search Icon: This option is like start a service when you need. Show Search Icon option reduce the Search Bar into Search Icon that shows Search Bar only when you click on it. We enabled Cortana at our Windows 10. so we’re just seeing a small round icon that show that Cortana is enabled and you can search anything.

As seen in the screenshot above, search box hides and shows as a small search icon. We recommended you that don’t remove this from taskbar because this very useful tool which can be triggered on daily basis.