In The Know: 5 Outstanding Benefits Of Car GPS Tracking


The transportation industry is one that truly reaped the benefits of the technological era. Therefore, it’s important to understand how, exactly, your company can benefit from emerging technologies.

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The best car GPS tracker Australia has available, for example, is one of the very best pieces of tech you can install for understanding your fleet, its needs and, of course, boosting its security.

With this in mind, here are five incredible benefits to installing this trusty technology in your fleet:

1. It improves safety

Your fleet and its drivers’ safety is paramount, and this starts with ensuring that your drivers are following safe practices when on the road. Most tracking devices provide digital maintenance technology that enables you to produce maintenance schedules through the odometer reading’s automatic alerting feature. You can also easily produce digital processes for maintenance and inspection activities that allow your maintenance teams and drivers to report faults whilst on the road.

2. Reduce fuel costs

Petrol costs are one of a transport company’s largest expenses, and so being fuel efficient is one of the most important things a company can do to save on expenses. Through the use of a hi-tech tracking device, fleet owners can have a profound understanding of how their fleet is being operated. Speeding and other average driving behaviour, including fast acceleration or sudden breaking, can reduce fuel efficiency whilst driving up costs.

Unauthorised car use can also drive up petrol costs. Therefore, a quality tracking system can alert management to any unauthorised driving. Companies can also reduce their petrol costs by ensuring drivers are taking the most effective routes to their intended location. This can be monitored to find the most efficient route possible.

3. Reduce operational costs

Through having prime access to the data that is most affecting your transport costs, your company can make informed decisions based on its operational expenditure. This instant data access ensures your business can quickly identify problems and find resolutions that can be put in place to reduce costs that would have otherwise directly impacted your business’s expenditure.

The best car GPS tracker Australia has available can simplify the collection of data and support the digitisation of processes, ensuring all the correct information is gathered and stored in a central location that can only be accessed by team members. The digitisation of processes like job dispatch, proof of delivery and pre-inspections are some of the most streamlined administrative processes you can implement in your company.

4. Heightened productivity

Increasing productivity is a transport company’s ultimate money saver. With a quality tracking system, your company can easily monitor the spent at loading bay or job sites and ensure your drivers are productive. You can also ensure the nearest vehicle is anchored to the job, thus further reducing waste.

Digitising imperative workflows is another important way to boost productivity. With custom forms and proof-of-delivery, your company can streamline inventory, payroll, billing and other administrative tasks.

5. Theft recovery

Your company’s fleet is one of its most imperative (and expensive) assets. The last thing you want is for one of your vehicle’s to be stolen. Thankfully, a top quality tracking system is designed to ensure you can see exactly where a vehicle is at all times. What’s more, you can even receive real-time alerts if one of your fleet is operating outside of its usual zone, ensuring you always have an eye on your cars and where they are operating.