How To Upload Photos To Instagram From Your Pc Or Mac

Upload Photos To Instagram From Your Pc

Despite being used by millions of people all over the world, surprisingly Instagram does not enable you to upload photos from your PC or Mac. Also, there is no possible way of performing this transfer task using the Instagram website or any official app for Windows 10 or not even Instagram app for macOS.

However, for photographs, designers, and businesses, the task of transferring everything from their desktop to phone manually can be time-consuming.

Here, we have gathered some useful information about the different ways of posting photos on Instagram from PC or Mac. In this handy guide, you will find some ways to upload photos to Instagram using some software.

Uplet (For Mac Users Only)

Uplet is a third party paid app which is used for Mac only and is easily available at Mac App Store. This downloadable Instagram uploader exclusively for Mac has a simple and easy to use interface that helps you to get your task of uploading photos done with great ease.

You can upload multiple photos and videos at the same time from your PC/Mac and send them directly to your Instagram profile. Apart from it, this app also allows you to send photos to the number of Instagram accounts that you have and toggle between them. Though it does provide the facility of photos filters or advanced photos editing or even in-app trimming, but still hold its place due to its simplicity.

If you have a Mac and want something simple and straightforward, this app is well worth. You have to download this app and log in using your Instagram details.


It is a desktop app which is used to interact with Instagram. It allows you to post photos to Instagram from your PC or Mac, along with many other features, including browsing, commenting and liking posts. All this can be done with a free version, but when you want to upload photos or videos, you will have to upgrade to its Pro version. The videos cannot be uploaded on Windows – its drawback.

This app can be used easily due to its straightforward features. Once you have it, you will not notice much difference between screen looks as it is almost similar to the older version of the Instagram mobile app and also works in the same manner.

This app is actually an emulator which lets you upload photos to Instagram from PC/MAC without having any facility of scheduling or batch uploading options.


Vivaldi, one of the customizable web browsers, is another easiest way to upload photos from PC or Mac to Instagram. It provides the solution for photo uploading problems by simply running the Instagram website in a web panel, but in the mobile version.

Firstly, you have to install this browser and for running you have two ways.

  • Run using the wizard to get the bookmarks and set the preferences.
  • In another way, simply make a click on “Skip all” option and carry on with the default settings of a browser.

Now open the Instagram website and click the plus icon placed on the left side of the browser to add Web Panel. It automatically fills the URL and clicks plus icon again. You will get the Instagram mobile version and log in to your account.

Now, select a photo you want to upload to Instagram, where you can apply filters, add caption and tags as well, and post it to your Instagram.


Flume is also considered as an effective way of posting photos to Instagram from Mac. It is basically a full-featured Instagram client which is available for Mac users only. Whether you want to post photos or videos directly from your system or want to manage multiple accounts, you will have to upgrade to the Pro version of Flume.

Flume has a Mac-style interface that supports multi-image carousal uploads, adding filters and managing a range of activities on your account, except scheduling feature.

As Apple has thrown it out from its Mac App Store, so now it is easily available at its own official website.

Through a Web browser

Usually, you get a stripped down version of the Instagram whenever you open this site in the web browser of your desktop. This version of the Instagram allows you to do certain tasks, such as commenting on posts, but it does not allow you to enjoy full-features of Instagram like it does not let you create new posts.

You can find the number of browsers that give you the freedom to enjoy posting features of Instagram by simply enabling the Instagram site to think that you are accessing this site with a mobile device. This feature, called as user agent spoofing, of such browsers is useful to upload photos to Instagram from your PC.

The browser plugin is used which makes desktop available for Instagram and does not require installing any kind of third-party app or plugin. Thus, it keeps your privacy where you do not need to give your login credentials to the third party.

When you use this method, you will not be able to use all features of Instagram, such as multi-photo uploads, in-photo tagging as well as no way for scheduling the posts.


Apart from these options to enable the uploading of photos to Instagram from your PC or Mac, the numbers of other alternatives are also available. These include:

  • BlueStacks App Player, to run Instagram on your desktop
  • LR/Instagram, a plugin to enable a Publish Service to be connected to your Instagram account
  • Hopper HQ, a fully automated scheduling tool to post to Instagram from PC/Mac.

No matter which method you choose for the solution, it must fulfill the main aim of uploading photos from your PC or Mac directly to Instagram without using a mobile device.