Top 5 Windows 10 Problems & How to Fix Them

Windows 10 Problems & How to Fix Them

If you have upgraded your PC to Windows 10, you will notice great improvement than the previous versions. Though it is smooth for many users, but at the same time, some users may encounter issues due to one or another reason.

There is no doubt that Windows 10 comes with some great features which make it more preferred as compared to other operating systems for a desktop. But still, like other OS, Windows 10 is not perfect and may sometimes run into issues. Fortunately, many such issues have a solution that ensures to get you out of the irritating problems.

Here are 5 top Windows 10 problems as well as how to fix them. The main purpose is to leave you with your PC so that you can take maximum benefits of its wonderful features with less hassle and frustration.

Let’s move further with some useful information.

  • Lack of Space to Install Windows 10
  • Issues with Activating Windows 10
  • Updating Old Software
  • Navigation Speed Issues
  • Printer Compatibility

Lack of Space to Install Windows 10

If you have decided to upgrade to Windows 10, the very first issue that commonly arises is the OS, where you need a certain amount of free space so that you can download Windows 10 successfully.

Actually, Windows 10 requires 16GB space which you need to be kept free on the main system drive that computer actually uses. This free space requirement is similar to the previous Windows versions, but if you are upgrading your PC’s OS, you need to do it again.

There are two ways to solve this issue.

  • One is CleanMyPC
  • Another is auto free up space using built-in disk cleanup tool.


This tool uninstalls apps and their files, removes temporary files and empties Windows Registry database. Once you scan your PC, this tool will automatically remove files, or you can choose what to delete once you review the scan results.

Built-in Disk Cleanup tool

  • Choose Start Menu > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools
  • Now, click Disk Cleanup
  • Under the section ‘Files to delete’, simply choose the file type you want to delete and if not sure, you have to select each file and go through its description.
  • After selection of file types, click OK.

    Built-in Disk Cleanup toolIssues with Activating Windows 10

    Activating the copy of Windows 10 is one of the common issues that have been reported by many users. This issue can arise due to the number of different reasons. The best and easiest way to get rid of this problem is to buy a valid copy of Windows 10.

    The previous versions of Windows are not available exclusively on the internet, whereas the plus point of Windows 10 is its easy availability online. It can be purchased from the official websites of Microsoft. You can easily find and download any copy of Windows 10, either 32-bit or 62-bit.

    Issues with Activating Windows 10If you find any difficulty in activating Windows 10 successfully from Microsoft websites, you can take help of newly introduced feature i.e. ‘Activation Troubleshooter’. This feature is available in the Settings section.

    Settings > Update & Security > Activation > Troubleshoot.

    Keep in mind that the ‘Troubleshoot’ option will not be displayed if your OS has been activated.

    Updating Old Software

    No matter which new OS you have chosen for your PC, but they all come with certain drawbacks in terms of compatibility. Here, Windows 10 is also one of them.

    The transition from one OS to another is always jarring in one or another way. When we talk about old software or applications compatibility with this new OS, some are not ready to work with Windows 10, while some accept it with both hands open.

    If you find any software or tool not working properly with Windows 10, you must look for its update in the Windows Store. And, if still, it does not work, the only solution is to remove and install it again.

    The best idea is to consider the newer version of the software and if you do not find it anywhere, the best alternative is to find other software with similar and even improved features.

    Navigation Speed Issues

    If you feel that your PC is taking a long time when you navigate anything in Windows 10, the best solution is to make use of the ‘Quick Access’ menu. This option is available in File Explorer, which you can find by right-clicking the Start. Once you select Quick Access, be ready to save your time when navigating anything around OS.

    ‘Quick Access’ menu.Another benefit is having easy access of files, folders, and apps, which you have to add to the sidebar by simply making a right click on their icons and select Pin option to Quick Access. It is highly useful for the files, folders or apps which you have visited recently.

    Printer Compatibility

    If you have an older version of the printer, its compatibility can become one of your Windows 10 problems. Upgrading from Windows 7 or earlier versions to Windows 10? You have to update all available printer drives that will avoid older printers from not working after upgrading the OS.

    It is not as easy as you think. You have to put some efforts and search for the name of a printer in the search engine, such as Google, Yahoo or other, and download the advanced Windows 10 compatible drivers from the manufacturers’ website. To install, follow the instructions and get your printer ready for use.


    Windows 10 problems are not nightmares for you if you know how to fix them in quick and easy ways. But still, if after putting your all possible efforts, you are unable to fix them by yourself, the only solution left is to take help you a technical expert.

    This article will definitely help you to resolve these 5 annoying Windows 10 problems.