Best Windows 10 Apps To Upgrade Your Online Communications

10 Apps To Upgrade Your Online Communications

Windows 10 has come up with various apps which are most recommended for gaining an unbeatable experience while communicating online. The days have gone when you have a few sources of communication and had to depend on them to connect with people around the world.

We all know that having effective communication, whether it is online or offline, plays a great role in improving our productivity, either we talk about personal or/and professional life.

Windows 10 provides the best and easiest way of communication in the form of an array of apps that works great in upgrading your online communication.

In this post, you will get to know about Windows 10 apps that help you to lead all aspects of your online communications.


Skype, one of the most popular means of online communication, is widely used by millions of people each day around the world for both personal and professional purpose. It enables you to communicate with your friends and family through chat, voice calls and video calls, in a one-to-one or in a group mode. Addition to these features, it also allows to share files, documents and can also call other people on their mobile phones, and many more. This single, standalone app can be installed on your desktop, tablets and even mobile devices. Thus, gives you an ample of features at a single online communication platform.


Yes, you all have heard and even might be using this one of the biggest social networks in the world. It allows you to connect with your friends, family and other people at different corners of the world and let them know about your activities; achievements etc., and also let you know what others are doing, what’s going on in their lives. You can share and express your views on anything you want. Facebook also has a Windows 10 app, which means you can access and enjoy its features without even opening your browser. Simply, have it installed on your desktop and click its icon to connect with the world.


Trello is an easy to use task management app that allows you to organize and manage your projects and events with other members using this app. Everything can be organized with great ease using cards on a board. Whether you want to plan an outing with your friends or going to plan a birthday party, you can discuss anything and plan what needs to be done with your friends/family on a Trello board. You can also write tasks on Post-it Notes and stick them on Trello wall and can remove/move anytime you want. Using this app, you can easily see your important tasks with just a quick glimpse on the board.


Viber is also one of the powerful Windows 10 apps for online communication which lets you interact with other people across the globe in an easy and simple way. This app is very fast and highly secure which allows you to send text messages, make voice calls and video calls and gives you a wonderful communication experience. Like various other Windows 10 apps, Viber too enables you to send stickers, emoticons, photos, and locations and makes your communication more enjoyable and exciting. Not only this, you can even synchronize your phone and PC in real-time and make your communication as smooth as possible.


With the hundreds of million active users every day, Twitter has gained its position in the list of the world’s top social media platforms. On one side where Facebook offers its features under strict privacy rules, Trello offers you an open platform to interact with anyone at any corner of the world easily. You need not add them in your friend list. It also lets you know everything from breaking news to entertainment and from sports to politics, what’s going on in the world, all in Twitter first. You can join any conversation, watch live streamlining events, what other people are talking about, chat privately with your friends and followers and many more experience using Twitter.


Mailbird is an email client for Windows and Gmail, which works great on both desktop and tablets and gives you a feature to manage multiple accounts with this single email client. Using Mailbird means you are going to gain a seamless experience of managing your online communication at one go. It enables you to enjoy third-party apps such as WhatsApp, Asana, Facebook, Twitter, and many others, thus allowing you to enjoy various online communication platforms at a single place. It has a user-friendly interface which helps its users to learn this app fast. Windows users can never expect more powerful and smooth communication medium than Mailbird.


Piip is another free messenger which provides its users an easy and safe way to get in touch with recently visited stores, receive promotions from dealers and see new ones depending on their existing location. It also enables you to connect with your friends and chat with them about anything you want. This app provides you an opportunity to browse the best offers around you; also you can ask your merchants for the best offers directly and enjoy satisfied shopping from anywhere. The top of all, you can even keep a back of your messages on the cloud and retrieve them whenever you like so.


Slack is a wonderful messaging app for remote teams, thus makes it a highly preferable app to communicate with your team members at any location. The app has integrated a range of tools and services that you use every day and gives you a powerful communication platform in one place. Being a multi-platform app, Slack is used seamlessly by millions of people as an easy way to communicate with a team. It enables you to organize your conversations by topics, project or anything related to your work. You can also make a call to any person or a group within a team. This app provides you a facility to access your team and work, no matter where you are.


It is not possible that you can use all of the tools and apps to communicate and work remotely. But, you can choose the best Windows 10 app for online communication which you think would be the best to meet your needs.