Best Alternative File Managers For Windows


While most users prefer Windows Explorer to manage their files, there are several other third party applications for Windows for managing files. These file managers incorporate several functionalities which are not part of the Windows Explorer and hence provided added convenience to the users. If you are looking for alternative file managers then there are few good options which you may consider. These file managers are efficient and offer easy file management options to you.

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FreeCommander is an apt replacement for Windows Explorer. This file manager is absolutely free and users can use it for any purpose, either personal or commercial. The application has a tab option which allows you to access and manage multiple explorer windows simultaneously.

The file manager also features dual pane which makes it very easy to access multiple files stored in multiple folders simultaneously. FreeCommander is one of the best alternatives for Windows Explorer as it does not require you to pay for it and can be used freely without any limitations. You can also configure a tree view for individual panels.


Explorer++ is another useful and efficient file management application. It is an open source application and hence is free. The application does not install any plugins on to the system and hence is clean in terms of freeware or any other junk. Explorer++ has the option for tabs, options for filtering files and has an interface which you can customise according to your requirements. You can also run a portable version of the app on your computer which does not require any installation.


Xplorer2 is a similar file manager which requires you to pay for it. However, a free version of the application Xplorer2 Lite is available if you do not want to spend money to use this application. The file manager supports folder tab and dual panes options and allows users to choose between traditional menu bar and the ribbon option. The paid version which is termed as Xplorer2 Pro has additional function of advanced search and file management.

Directory Opus:

Directory Opus is available in two versions – Directory Opus Pro and Directory Opus Light. Pro is the paid version while Light is the free version. This application also has a dual pane interface and supports multiple tabs. It allows you to configure your own menus and toolbar buttons. The integrated Windows search option allows for easy searching, grouping, sorting and filtering options. The program is also available in a portable USB version which does not require any installation.