How to Create System Restore Point in Windows 10


Finally, Microsoft latest OS, “Windows 10” is out for us, and yes, millions of people have already downloaded and installed this latestoffering from Microsoft. But, as we always recommend, that be on safe side and take backups at regular intervals rather than left out with nothing but frustration, we planned to  backup the Windows 10 OS using Windows 10 System Restore Point.

Windows Restore Point is very important built-in tool that helps you to restore your Windows system to previous working condition, in case something goes wrong. To understand it, assume you just downloaded and install some third-party software, but result comes as an unstable system and lots of unwanted issues. So, in such cased, if you have already created System Restore Point in Windows, you can restore your PC back at earlier date where you OS was working absolutely fine.

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So, this is the reason that we always recommend to make a Restore Point of Windows before making any changes in system including manually customization or application installation. From Windows XP to Windows 8/8.1 the process of making System Restore Point making process is darn simple and straight forward.

Please note that Windows 10 creates System Restore Point automatically as you install or uninstall any application from Windows but it will be more safe if you are making a Restore Point periodically that will give you better result.

Here is the most simple way to create System Restore Point in Windows 10:

You can access System Restore window via searching in Control Panel or just by right-clicking on Desktop computer icon and navigating to Properties where you will get option of system protection.

In the System Properties box, make sure you are in System Protection tab. In the System Protection tab click on Create button to create your own Restore Point for Windows 10.

Once you clicked on Create button, one small window will pop up, where you can give any name to restore point. In this case, we’ve set it to TechRegar-1, but you can enter your own name. After that, Click on Create button to start the restore point making process.

You can check the progress, it will take few minutes to create restore point.

After creating of restore point Windows will open one notification dialog that will be show “The restore point was created successfully.”

The above process is very simple to create restore point in Windows 10. You can use same restore point to restore your Windows 10 later.