How Do I Get Back Into Playing Video Games After a Decade Long Hiatus?

Playing Video Games

Playing video games is a fun hobby, and one where you get to see huge evolutions on a constant basis as hardware improves and new creative minds innovate on old formulas.

That said, some people get intimidated by games, even as part of them feels drawn to them. If it’s been a long time since you’ve played, it’s easy to feel lost in a sea of options.Click here to get detailed information about playing video games. That’s why today we’ve designed a short guide to help out.

What Platforms Are Accessible to You?

The first thing people returning to the hobby (or who are new to it) need to determine is what platforms they can play on. A platform is basically any system that can run games, from a Nintendo Switch to PC to your smartphone.

While many games are released for multiple platforms, not all of them will be. Moreover, some multiplayer games will only allow you to play with friends if you all have the game on the same system, even if it can be purchased for several different ones.

If you’re looking to get into new games, you will either need a PC designed for gaming or to invest a few hundred dollars into a new video game console. Making that choice is going to largely depend on what games appeal to you.

If you have a Mac, your options are a bit more limited than PC gamers, but they’re still there. For instance, you can visit to learn how to make Fortnite (one of the most popular multiplayer games at present) run smoothly on your computer.

Determine What Games You Like

While many nerdy gamers love video games of all kinds, there are plenty of people who only like a small sample of what the hobby offers. That’s great too but it does mean you’ll want to think about what most appeals to you.

There is a huge variety of game genres and subgenres, more than can be adequately discussed here. Often the best place to look is at games you know you like. From there, you can look at games of similar genres or themes.

There are some wicked smart video games you may want to check out too, with unique innovations that aren’t really seen elsewhere. You can check out Little Big Planet, Antichamber, and Portal for only a small sample of what games can offer us.

If there are fun video games you remember as a kid, the odds are good there is also a number of sequels that have been released. On top of that, there may be other games inspired by those old classics, with a similar playstyle and feel, but new characters or spins on the old formula.

Many adults also find their free time is much more limited than it once was. This is where shorter experiences can be valuable. There are a ton of beloved games known for being beatable in only a night or two if you find yourself in this camp.

Do You Want a Challenge?

One thing worth discussing about people coming back into games is the intimidation they often feel. Whether you’re controlling a game on a controller or via mouse and keyboard, it’s a set of skills you can definitely get rusty at.

The good news is that games are about having fun. You can jump right into a challenge if you want or you can take it easy and learn the ropes. Whatever level of skill you feel you’re at, there is going to be a game for you.

The only real place this line gets fuzzy is with competitive multiplayer games. In these games, you face other players in challenges. However, even most multiplayer games tend to have ways to play with others near your skill level, to avoid having folk just wipe the floor with you.

If you’re unsure where to begin, do some research into easier games in the genres you like. Start there, learn the basics of how the controls on your chosen system work, and ramp up to harder games at your own pace.

Your Life, Your Pace

Whether you’re a console or a computer gamer (or diving into whatever mix of systems you want), remember the purpose of games. They’re to have fun and experience an amazing blend of writing, technology, and creativity.

If you don’t find an experience fun or simply don’t have the time, you can skip it. Focus on the games you want to play and go at your own pace.

You don’t need to play the newest games either. The back catalog of amazing games has grown huge over time, and an old game can still be new to you (or fun to jump back into).

It isn’t like new games are “better.” They just take advantage of newer technology, sure, but chess isn’t “bad” for being over one thousand years old. The same goes for old games.

Playing Video Games Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

While it’s easy to get caught up in the complicated lingo and often toxic culture of hardcore gamers, you can ignore all that. Actually sitting down and playing video games doesn’t have to be hard. A little research into the games you might like goes a long way.

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