How to Password Protect OneNote Android App


It has been often seen that Microsoft applications is the topic of almost little or no communication specially within Android user community or developer community. However, the OneNote application from the computing giant has managed to garner a lot of attention even in the Android circles as the OneNote Android App offers the same features as seen on other platforms too.

OneNote is a one-stop destination in order to save and organize your all kings of notes at one place. Not only this, it also lets you collaborate with your team members at one place and store/access your related documents there. An additional advantage of using OneNote on Android is that you will get all the free OneDrive Cloud Storage space from Microsoft to store your OneNote documents. Not only this, in addition to being platform independent, OneNote also serves the ability to be accessed from multiple other smart devices.

One of the major advantageous feature of this application is its ability to password protect individual sections. All your files that are private to you can be stored and kept securely under this section.

Caution Note: Be caution with your OneNote password as once you loose it, there is no option for “Forget Password” or retrace your lost password. We recommend you to keep it store in other place.

However, over the past few time, one of the major features that was missing with the OneNote Android application was its ability to access the password-protected files. What comes as a good news is that in their recent app update on android last month, the company rolled-out the feature to access the password protected files on its Android application. This comes along with some other updates of adding audio notes and other embedded files.

In order to access the secret files, go to your password-protected section within the app. Here you will see a message like “This section is password protected. Tap here to unlock it.” Once you tap it, a new “Unlock section” pop-up screen appears where you will be asked to enter your OneNote section and proceed further. Once you enter the password, you can view and edit your secured files. In case you switch away, it will automatically lock back itself after a few minutes in order to protect your privacy.

OneNote Password Protected Section Access 01

OneNote Password Protected Section Access 02

Well, for all the OneNote Android users, go to PlayStore and update your OneNote Application to be able to access your secured files directly from your Android handset.