Move Files Between Cloud Storage Services: An Easy Process!


In this digital era, most of us have already moved to cloud storage to stash our data, from the traditional hard drives. And it’s good to keep pace with this changing technology, where we not only get great application, which makes the overall process darn easy but also the professional service, which ensures the protection and is feasible as compared to traditional ones. Think of a services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive and many such others. You don’t need to carry that extra weight of hard drives with you every time, as you can access your files with a single click, no?

Additionally, you don’t need to be worried about what if your local hard drive goes dead? You’ll probably lose every important files stored on it. But then, you recall, no worries!… As you use cloud storage and all your files will be safe for lifetime (if not less), didn’t you? You see, that’s the benefit of using technology 🙂


Apart from having so many great benefits of using cloud storage, like no worry about ever piling data space, as you can increase your volume anytime by paying small amount, or no technical issue whatsoever, there are some corners where you’ll feel that those traditional way of storing data was much more feasible.

One thing that differentiate the process of storing data on local hard drives and on cloud storage is the “Freedom” we get to move the data frequently, as many time as we want, and that too in quick sessions. What if you want to move some of your data from one cloud storage to another cloud storage service? The reason may be many, might be you want to sort out your personal data into one cloud storage service and rest to others, or you simply like the security of any one of them and you decided to move your important files their?

What would you do?

You must be thinking, the only option left is to download those files on local system and then again upload to new cloud storage, no?

Well, pat yourself! As you don’t have to follow those lengthy process anymore. Let’s not make such type of issues hold you back from using cloud storage service, which are in reality far better than using local hard drives for storing important data.

So, whether you’re using Google Drive, DropBox, Box or any other cloud based service, here it the guide for moving your data from one cloud storage service to another, and yes, in an easy way!

Feel no more handcuffed by any single cloud storage service.

Let’s get started!


The process of moving files from one cloud to another cloud storage service is dam easy. There are couple of great apps, which can simplify the whole process, saving hell lots of bandwidth. So, as everything has two sides, here in this case also, there’re actually two methods. The manual one (don’t worry… no more than just dragging and dropping) and the automatic one.

USING MOVER.IO can be considered as the best solution for your cloud to cloud file transfer needs. It’s the most popular service with robust solutions for file File Transfers, Migrations, and Backups.

Supporting over 20 services, which they call “Connectors”, that includes Google Drive, DropBox, Copy, OneDrive, etc. and several popular host like Amazon S3, Rackspace, Dreamhost and even Sharepoint and FTP/SFTP protocols, you can initiate the file transfer by connecting with you source and destination account and sit back!


For moving files from one cloud storage service to another using, simply create your account on and log in.

You’ll get two panels, where you can mention the source, from where you want to move the files and the destination, to where to want to get those files moved to.


Once you hit the “Select Source” section, you’ll get pop-up windows, where you can select source account, called as “Connector“. Hit on “+” symbol to select source account.

selecting source

Click Next, input preferred name you want to give to that source account and you’ll be taken to the selected source service for authorising to access the files using

Simply Allow and Voila!

All your DropBox folders/files will appear on Mover’s source pane on left side.

Similarly, add preferred connector (cloud service account) to destination section too, where you want to move the files. This can be done in the similar way, what you’ve performed while adding source account.

Transfering files mover io 1024x399 1

Once you’re done with adding Source and Destination account, select the files you want to move from source section by selecting the empty circles and then select the folder in which you want to move those files in the destination section.

Note:- You can even create New Folder in the destination section/account by clicking on the small “Add” button located at the top right corner in your destination section. Hover over destination account name and it’ll become visible.

After you’re done with selecting files (from source section )and path (in the destination section), all you need to do it to click on “Run” located on the right side of window.

You’ll get Transfer Confirmation windows, where you need to hit “Run this transfer now!“.

What now?

Nothing, just sit back and relax 🙂

Note:- You can even check the the box “Zip files before transfer” for fully secure your files before initiating the transfer.

Activity log 1024x368 1


If you need to move files on regular basis from certain folders, you can schedule the transfer beforehand. Click on the Schedule Later tab on the right side and set up on the basis of hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly schedule by inputting the time and frequency of transfer.

Schedule transfers with Mover


If you falls in pro user category, where you use your cloud storage every now and then, sharing your files with your peers, Otixo is the best application you can demand of.

Apart from giving options to move files from several cloud based service including Huddle, CloudMe, Bitcasa, and to your surprise, Facebook too (for photos), this application also lets your search for files across all platforms. You can even copy files from one cloud based storage to another by simply dragging and dropping.

Otixo cloud moving service


Once you sign-up with Otixo, you’ll be presented with option “Connect your first cloud service“. Click on it and select the cloud service you want to connect.

otixo adding cloud storage account

From more than 20 cloud service and Web Based apps/FTP, you can select any. After authorising the app, you’ll get all your files associated with that cloud storage service. You can add as many account as you want by simply hitting “+” sign located in the left pane, just after “My Cloud Storage“.

After adding at least one source and one destination account, copy files from the source app, by right-clicking and selecting copy from the context menu and hitting paste in the destination folder.

If you’ve got many files to move, you can simply drag and drop the files from one cloud storage account to another.

And if you love automating your process, IFTTT (If This Then That) is just for you. You can set trigger which will be performed automatically every time when the function is called.

For instance, you can set the trigger “Add files to Google Drive from Dropbox“, or you can create your own recipes.

Add files to Google Drive from Dropbox by lbrfabio IFTTT

So, whichever method you choose, have a control on your online data in more manageable way. If you use any other online service to manage your cloud storage or move files, do let us know in the comment section below!