Google Drive Plugin for Microsoft Office: Open/Save/Edit Files Online


Cloud computing is the latest buzz word in the computing world and cloud storage is fast catching up as one of the most preferred modes of storage of documents. Users prefer storing their files on the cloud to get a direct access to them from anywhere and anytime. If you use cloud storing services, you no longer need to carry any external storage device such as a USB drive, external hard drive or a DVD.
You can instead simply store your files online and access them from wherever you want. Also, it saves the space on your computer that otherwise is used when you store a file locally. Even if you have a file stored on a computer, there is a risk of you losing your data in case your computer crashes.


Cloud storage is the right solution for such problems. You can easily store your important data online and share it with anyone. It also helps team members to work on the same file concurrently. While working on a Microsoft Office file, there are several instances when you need to work on them from different computer and also want others to work on them and access them from other machines. Microsoft has its very own OneDrive cloud computing app that allows you to save your Office files directly over the cloud and use it elsewhere.


However, Google Drive is a preferred option for several users rather than OneDrive. Since a single Google account gives access to several tools such as Gmail, Google Plus services, Google Drive and several other services, a large number of users prefer it over OneDrive. However saving and accessing Office files from Google Drive is a bit of a tedious process since you have to first save a word file on your computer and then upload it over Google Drive. If you have to make any changes to a file that is already uploaded then you have to first download it, edit it and upload it again.

There is however an easy alternative to this problem. Simply download and install the Google Drive plugin for Microsoft Office. You can easily download the plugin and install it. Once downloaded and installed, the plugin allows you to directly save an Office file on the Google Drive and whenever you want to make any edits, you can do it directly over the drive without having to download the file on your local computer.
The plugin is a very easy method to have a direct access to the files stored on Google Drive and the download and installation process is very simple.

Download Google Drive Plug-in for Microsoft