Fixing Problems with Your Phone App on Windows 10 & Android!

Fixing Problems with Your Phone App on Windows 10 & Android!

Windows 10’s October Update has a lot for tech junkies! Right from the updated features of Task manager for understanding power usage to Your Phone App, a lot has updated in this fall season for Windows 10 users. So have you tried Your Phone App yet? or have an idea about what it is and how does it work? Let’s face it off in this post!

What is Your Phone App in Windows 10?

Your Phone is a simple app designed for Windows 10 users to link PC (laptop) & Phone. You can view photos of your phone on PC, send direct messages from PC to any mobile number without unlocking your smartphone and lots more! Just make sure that your PC & mobile phone is connected to the same wireless network, else, the synchronization between your phone and laptop wouldn’t work.

Once you start using the app on your laptop, you might face a few problems. And for that, we have a detailed troubleshooting guide. Before that, let’s see how you can set up Your Phone App on your Windows 10 PC/Laptop.

How to Set Up Your Phone App

To use Your Phone App, you need to download it on your PC and on your smartphone too. As of now, Your Phone App is supported to Android smartphones only running on Android 7.0 or above! Regarding their support on iPhone’s, it’s still not clear when it would happen. Nevertheless, Android users can use Your Phone app and here’s the procedure to follow.

1. Install Your Phone app from Microsoft Store on your PC/laptop and from Google Play store to get started.

2. Once the app is installed on your PC, you need to click on Get Started to complete the remaining process.

3. Now you need to set up Your Phone Companion Android app and login with the same Microsoft account on Android which is used in your PC.

4. Once the basic process is completed on your Android device, get back to PC and click on Link Phone option to start the process.

5. Apart from that, there are few permissions to accept when you set up Android App. Just tap on allow when it asks to, it would ask for 4 different options. Calls, Text Message, Videos & Photos.

6. You’ll not be able to access Your Phone app until you tap on allow option on your Android device. The PC app keeps on loading until you accept it.

7. Once done, you’re all set to use your Android device from your Windows 10 PC/Laptop with ease. Right from sending text messages to accessing your photos of the smartphone’s gallery on PC, it can all be done without unlocking your Android device.

But hang on! There’s more to it! As the app is completed in terms of development, you might face some issues while using it. There are a few common problems for which I have got a troubleshooting guide. Here are a few of them!

1. Fix ‘Check your Phone’ message with Your Phone

While setting up Your Phone App on Android, you might come across a message ‘check your phone.’ In this case, you need to change few settings in your Android device as follows.

  1. Open Settings
  2. Head over to Notifications
  3. Scroll down and tap on Your Phone Companion
  4. Now select the notifications as per your desire.

So this is a simple fix when it comes to ‘Check your Phone’ error while setting up Your Phone Companion app on your Android device.

2. Fix Missing Text Messages Problem with Your Phone Companion

After setting up Your Phone on Android and Windows both, you might not see text messages on your PC. That’s because the messages are being sent through Rich Communication Services (RCS) and this type of service isn’t supported in Windows 10. So to solve this error, you need to disable RCS feature on your Android device and here’s how you can do it.

  1. Open messaging app on Android
  2. Tap on the three-dotted button on the top-right corner
  3. Now tap on settings
  4. Head over to Advanced Settings or More settings in some phones
  5. Now turn off the options for RCS, Chat Features, Push Messages or Advanced Messaging.

Once done, all the text messages sent after changing these settings will appear on Your Phone App in Windows 10 PC/laptop.

3. Few Photos Don’t Appear on Your Phone App on Windows

As of now, the Windows’s Your Phone App shows only 25 photos from your Android device on the Windows PC/laptop. It’s done because the system can maximize the performance and minimize network bandwidth. Moreover, the photos which are in the camera roll or screenshots folder will only appear on your PC. Other than that if the photos are moved to any other folder, they will not appear on the Windows PC/laptop. So make sure that the photos which you want to display on the PC are either saved in camera roll or in screenshots folder only. Of course the limit is 25 photos but it might increase in the future updates of Your Phone on Windows 10.

4. How to Reset Your Phone App on Android & Windows 10

If you’ve tried everything and still unable to get a solution to the problem then the best way is to reset Your Phone App. Make sure that you reset Your Phone app both on Android and Windows 10 PC/laptop so that when you launch the app no problem exists!

Reset Your Phone Companion on Android

Follow the below-given steps to rest Your Phone Companion on your Android devices.

  1. Open Settings and tap on Apps
  2. Now tap on Your Phone Companion App and tap on Force Stop
  3. Head over to Storage to clear data and clear cache

Once done, this should completely reset the Your Phone app on your Android smartphone.

Rest Your Phone App on Windows 10 PC/Laptop

To start with, you need to open settings, click on Phone option and click on Unlink this PC option. Once done, it’s now time to reset Your Phone on Windows 10 by following these steps.

  1. Open Settings & click on Apps and then to Apps & Features
  2. Now select Your Phone app in Apps & features section on Windows by searching as shown above
  3. Click on Advanced options which will open a new Window, scroll down to find reset option and click on it.

This is how you can reset Your Phone App on both Android & Windows devices. Once done, you need to set up the apps again as shown in the beginning of this post. This should do!

Final Words

I will keep you updating with this post if there are any more problems you face while setting up or while using Your Phone app on Windows 10 PC/laptop. Do let me know in comments so that I can find the best possible solution for the same.